WTS Pureblood Firehawk/Lifebinders Handmaiden

<The Exiled> of US-Rexxar is selling Smoldering Egg of Millagazor and Life-Binder's Handmaiden. We strive to be efficient and professional in every sale. Nothing is spared to bring you, the buyer, as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Details for the individual runs are as follows:

Smoldering Egg of Millagazor at the price of 125,000. The run will be taking place at 7:30 CST on Wednesday or slightly before our main raid on Tuesday (if you only want H rag). The sale includes the mount, title, and any loot you would like (aside from staff items, we would be willing to negotiate for those). You may participate or jump into lava and lay dead during the 6/7 clear as well as Ragnaros himself.

Life-Binder's Handmaiden at the price of 150,000. The run will be taking place at 7:30 CST on Tuesdays. Any loot that our main raiders do not need is up for grabs (mostly everything, ask for specific items on this). The sale includes the mount/title of course. You can participate on all fights, die on all fights, or just come in for Madness to swipe your mount.

Both runs will take about 2 hours if you want a full clear, and if you cause too many wipes while participating we will have to ask you to stay dead during the encounter. We are willing to consider TCG items in lieu of gold.

If interested, add either Senjinn3@aim.com or Vathral@gmail.com
how much would you charge for the Barrell roll achevement just need tornadoes. and i cant find a competent group to do it?
Bump for teamwork!
Shameless bump for teamwork
Bump and a temporary price reduction to 100,000g due to a flaky buyer for a 6/27 sale.
Bump and back up to 125,000g
Slots opened up since mounts aren't being taken out until MoP release. Feel free to add vathral, preferably, I'm usually capped.
Overload of hawk sales....still have room for lifebinder buyers
bump! We've been doing this for a while guys! We have numerous references who can vouch for our success,

We have 1-2 available slots on our lifebinder, add me or senwe now with the information in the OP!
bump, we have an opening for this week on september 3rd on our lifebinder!
Worked out a deal with these guys and got my Pureblood Firehawk last night; I've traded with Vathral before this as well, so I'm happy to vouch for him and his guild :)
We have an opening available on the week of September 11th, and a couple spots on the week of September 18th, we have numerous references who can vouch for our constant success and ease as we clear through the instances.

We also are very flexible with items we take in (most of the time) as a substitute form of payment.

Still LF interested buyers
always LFM buyers!

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