(H-Rp) Strongshield Tribe ((Now Level 25))

Moon Guard
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-Crashes through Forum wall-

*Moo Bumps*
Bumpin' it
I am going to be starting a tauren hunter and leveling him up to level 15 soon who should I whisper in game or send an in game letter to if I wish to join your merry band of adventurers.
You can speak with me or Haine. I'm normal on all the time, when not out doing things. You can send us a whisper, Ic mail, or Ooc mail. We would love to have you!
Excellent I will start leveling a character today and contact you as soon as I am level 15. I have always wanted to do Tauren RP but was always too busy with work and pvp lol. i look forward to rping with you guys.
*Smexy Moo Bump*
I'm sorry I killed everyone in the pools of vision. It got out of hand and I saw a bunch of Undead and I got all eye-twitchy.
For a second I thought that was Aurinaka. Leading a guild. O_O

Suppose I was mistaken, though! Still, this certainly sounds like a merry band.

Free bumps for yews.
*Cheers at Bruce and giggles at Karob* Thank you Bruce. And it's fine Karob. Though you will find us at Bloodhoof most of the time. Though, shall we see you in Thunder Bluff, we shall enjoy trying to kill you! *Snicker*
We are now up to 26 member's and we are one bar from hitting level 9! Tomorrow night is Strongshield's Story Circle! *Bumps*
*Moon Bumps*
*Huggles Apahote*

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