(H-Rp) Strongshield Tribe ((Now Level 25))

Moon Guard
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Happy cows come from Mulgore.
Get off our lawn, pinkskin!

Your website doesn't work.
It should work. Here is the link. http://strongshieldtribe.shivtr.com/
Everyone from the guild I've met has been pretty nice. Good first impressions imo.

Your ambassador invited me to a meeting on monday, but I forgot to note it. When and where should I be?
Awesome meeting. Thanks for inviting us!

I foresee more RP in our future.
Unyielding BUMP!
*Bumps* Back to the first page with ya!!!
*Rolls all over the thread. Makes it smell like Troll, rather than Tauren.*

Also, bump4u.
Also, we're half a bar from 14. /salute

-bumps it up-
Two bars into Level 14!

Bump. ^_^
-clears throat-

Level 15 now, Katesia.

*Chuckles* We are now Level 16. And strong as ever! *Bumps*
Almost 18. ^_^

Bump it up!
Moooooooove over human.

/bumps Karob off the picnic bench.
*punts the topic back to the top*

Finally, something -I- can punt!
I heard your shields were strong.

But you still need to bump your thread more.

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