Sympathy - 13/13, 7/7H, 8/8H

Immediate need legendary mage or hunter 8/8H

So apparently the mage we recruited peaced out after we carried him and gave him gear. I guess he was upset when we asked him to pick up damage since he was far behind the rest of the group but this late in the expansion I didn't really care that much, you know? Just wanted to plant the seed of improvement. I even complimented his abilities to not stand in things and follow directions.

Oh well. That frees the spot up for another alt/main interested in raiding with our weekend 8/8H 10M. This also means you need to help us farm Heroic Ragnaros weekly, so we need anyone who can do both of those on a Friday 8-12 EST (normal raid days are Fri, Sat, Sun - so you need to be able to meet all 3 in the off chance we have to do a sale on a different day).

If you're interested you need to apply before Friday and don't get saved if you plan to raid with us.

My real id: nintendobratkat@yahoo.com but sadly I have family coming into town this week so throwing up an app will allow me to ninja browse the forums on my cellphone and accept you or deny you from there. Thanks so much.

apathy.rancidracing.com (we're slowly fixing the website, bear with us)

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