Horde ICC 25 runs

I will be running an ICC25 man normal run this Friday at 22:58 server. (My local time will be 23:58 which is a reference to a song by a certain band popular in the eighties.) If all goes well, I will be running it at that time each Friday for several weeks.

The current loot system is need before greed; however, shards are reserved. You can need for transmog. If you would like to do infusions or bloods, please let me know. Those things are available on a first-come, first serve basis. We will be using OpenRaid's vent.

On this run, we will be doing a run through on normal. We will go for achievements, but I would prefer not to wipe on them. On subsequent runs, I expect to move up to heroic runs.

This will be a cross-server raid via OpenRaid. Here is a relevant link:


If you want to come, please do one of the following things:
Either sign up on OpenRaid, reply to this thread, or shoot me a message in game. If you are in my guild, LFM, you can sign up on the guild calendar instead. (I do not expect this to be a guild run as such.)
This week, I am switching to heroic, in the hope that more people attend:

Friday's run was successful. This week we will be doing a full heroic run:

This week, we will once again go for a full heroic run:

I doubt it's much of a draw, but for what it's worth, the weekly raid quest from Dalaran is for ICC this week.
My quest for Shadowmourne proceeds in the form of my continuing sequence of 2 Minutes to Midnight ICC25 runs.

This week's run was for the most part a success although we ended up downing the Lich King on normal. The next run will be a fortnight from now due to visitors coming in from out of town this week. The details are here:

Last week's run was a complete success. The next run is tonight:

Great reference to Iron Maiden BTW!!!
So it is true that the Horde is much cooler than the Alliance!
At least there are no refernces to Justin Bieber songs in this mutha.
Great reference to Iron Maiden BTW!!!
So it is true that the Horde is much cooler than the Alliance!
At least there are no refernces to Justin Bieber songs in this mutha.

Justin who? I play Horde almost exclusively so it's hard for me to really say. However, I do like the guild that my level 2 human is a member of.

I forgot to announce the seventh run which took place last Saturday. It was successful. The details for the eighth run are here:


The 5th, 6th and 7th runs have all been overbooked. Sign up early to be assured of a spot. Although the start time is not 23:58 locally, it is 23:58 somewhere in the world. Therefore, this sequence of runs remains my ICC 25 2 Minutes to Midnight raids. Up the Irons!
The details for the 9th run are here:


If RNG favors me, this will be the last run in 25 man mode.
RNG did not sufficiently favor me. There will be a 10th run. The 9th run went quite well with a full clear o heroic (except LK) in under 2 hours.

Here are the details on openraid:


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