Selling: Reins of the Spectral Tiger

I will be transferring to Korgath alliance very soon, and am considering selling a reins of the spectral tiger. Is anyone interested in buying. The price is negotiable, but reasonable offers are, of course, preferred. For offers you can either send in-game mail to hoarst or post the offer here.
i will buy it on barthilas
Sorry but I don't think I can go to barthilas.
I'm interested. Get at me on horde side.
I sent you an in-game mail on a horde character named Mormigil. We can continue talking there. Also if anyone else is interested please let me know.
What ball park figure are you looking at?
I mean I'm probably looking for at least 400k.
400k for non-swift? nty
06/29/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Toneloc
400k for non-swift? nty

yeah they sell here often for 175-250k
That a heavily inflated price for a non swift mate.
Hmm that's interesting, across all servers they average easily over 300k I mean maybe Korgath has hugely deflated values for the spectral tiger, but that would be surprising. Regardless maybe prices are just up right now, so thanks for the info.
I'll buy on Alliance side, Korgath, for 225k, let me know if your interested.

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