Best Mumble Hosting in Aus?

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Hi all,

My guild has recently decided to ditch Vent in favour of Mumble for a bunch of reasons (voice quality, memory/net requirements, etc.) but with the 20 or so Mumble rental sites around I am finding it very hard to make my decision!

Our guild is based in both Melbourne and Sydney, with the majority of our members hailing from those areas. As we are a rather social 25man guild, we are looking for a 50 person server.

I've been told that Mumble is in fact quite a bit cheaper than Vent (currently paying $12.50 a month) so it'd be great if that were true for Australian servers as well.

And finally, I've been strongly recommended against using Hypernia because of previous dealings with them (terrible connection and the like) and as they are more expensive than some of the servers I have looked at - I see no reason in going with them anyway.

So, does anyone have any suggestions?
Probably wouldn't go Mumble as from what I've seen the servers often lag out. [The server not the users]
I'd probably go with a Teamspeak 3 server personally.
If you dislike Vent then you won't like Mumble.

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