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So, this is mostly just to test the waters here and gage the interest level of a closed RP that I’ve had the idea for. Here is the short version of the storyline:

It will center around a group of priestesses of the moon who encounter a demon hunter in Ashenvale. They are not happy to see him and do not believe him when he tries to explain to them that he has tracked a powerful demon into the area. While they are ‘escorting’ him to the boarder of the forest, the dreadlord attacks them and slays several of the priestesses. Wanting revenge, the few surviving priestesses browbeat the demon hunter into joining his hunt, and they set off together in search of the dreadlord.

About the RP:
The plot is fairly simple and straightforward and, depending on the level of interest and participation, I honestly don’t expect it to take particularly long to resolve. I intend keep the cast small, with the demon hunter, my character (who will be the leader of the priestesses,) and 2-3 other priestesses. That being said, because of the simplicity of the story and the small number of people involved, the success of the RP will rely heavily on the quality of writing and character development of those participating. I’m not saying this to discourage newer RPers, they are always welcome in my threads, just to let anyone interested in signing up that I intend to put a lot of work into this and fully expect them to do the same.

About the characters:
I will be honest, the inspiration for this RP started because I am sick and tired of seeing Kaldorei (particularly females/priestesses) being roleplayed as either bunny-hugging hippies or so pious and saintly and sweet that they make your teeth hurt. I’m not claiming that this is wrong, or that you can’t RP your Kaldorei like this, but I miss the Warcraft III version of the Priestesses of the Moon (before Tyrande was watered down into Malfurion’s arm candy, thanks Knaak. -.-)
I am not looking for priestesses who are a carbon copy of mine, but I expect them to fit into the classic description of the race; xenophobic and territorial, they should be hardened warriors and not just healers.

I know I am being demanding and extremely picky here, but I like this idea and I would rather pass on it due to lack of interest than half-!@# it and not have it be as immersive.

Sign-up template:
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Moon Priestess
Physical Description:
Weaknesses/Negative Attributes:
Strengths/Positive Attributes:

The demon hunter spot is already filled and I will post my priestess’s sign-up sometime today, whenever I finish her history section.
Name: Nemorensi
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Moon Priestess
Age: 10,172

Physical Description: Nemorensi stands an imposing 7’1” and has a lithe, muscular build. Her skin is a very dark shade of violet that contrasts sharply with her snow white hair, which she most often keeps in a long braid that reaches past her waist. Her long ears are pierced in several places and strung with delicate silver chains. Her facial tattoos are simple, just a thin stripe of dark color running down either side of her face.

Weapons/Armor: The priestess’s weapon of choice is her ornate longbow, but she is proficient with a moonglave as well and always carries one should the need for it arise. Her armor is a light-weight mix of plate and mail, designed to favor unrestricted movement at the expense of complete protection. Intended to be imposing as well as practical, it is plated in polished silver and inlaid with gold filigree. She also wears a hooded cloak that matches the rest of her gear; silver trimmed in gold.

Weaknesses/Negative Attributes: Distrustful to the point of paranoia; extremely set in her ways; has difficulty adjusting to new situations/circumstances; adapted specifically to fighting in the forests and is considerably less skilled in other environments.

Strengths/Positive Attributes: Skilled with a glave and even more so with her longbow, she can also call on Elune’s power to both smite and heal; when in her element, she is an able tactician and leader.

Personality: Arrogant, stubborn, and intolerant, Nemorensi is openly hostile to any non-Kaldorei. While she will grudgingly tolerate the presence of most members of the Alliance, she will attack any Horde on sight. Demons, and those who consort with them, fair no better no matter what their faction. She is a traditionalist and has a deep love for her people and their culture. While she cares next to nothing about the Alliance as a whole, she will protect Kaldorei lands and their way of life ferociously, just as she has done for the last 10,000 years. Toward others of her own kind, she is compassionate and unselfish; she will go far out of her way to lend any of them aid if they need it. She is intensely loyal to those closest to her.

Brief History: Nemorensi was already an established member of the Sisterhood of Elune when the War of the Ancients broke out over 10,000 years ago. She was born and raised in Suramar, and studied at the Temple of Elune located in the city. When the war started she, along with the majority of the Sisters, followed High Priestess Dejahna and joined the Kaldorei resistance. This was the first time that she trained in martial skills, mastering the longbow in addition to more offensive magics. She survived the war intact, with a deep loathing of demons as well as the arcane magic that had brought them to the world.

During the Long Vigil she did not join the Sentinels as many of her sisters did, but chose to remain strictly with the Sisterhood, although she did work closely with them on many occasions. She continued hone her martial skills during this time, and put them to use again during the War of the Satyr as well as the Shifting Sands. Prior to the Third War she was assigned to a small chapterhouse on the southern slope of Mount Hyjal. When the orcs first entered Ashenvale and began harvesting lumber, the call for aid went up among the Kaldorei and Nemorensi was quick to respond. She arrived in the aftermath of Cenarius’ death and immediately joined the fight against the fel-tainted orcs.

Nemorensi sided with Tyrande against joining forces with the humans and orcs and was greatly upset when the Kaldorei ended up doing just that. Still, she aided in the defense of Hyjal, both because her High Priestess ordered it and because her people were in danger. She survived her people’s second encounter with the Legion, much the same as she had the first, only this time she blamed the ‘outsiders’ for bringing this trouble to the Kaldorei. She barely distinguished between the orcs or the humans, though she reluctantly tolerates the latter and their allies because of the High Priestess’s decision to accept their offer of allegiance.

With her chapterhouse destroyed in the battle on Hyjal, Nemorensi and the other sisters who survived relocated further south, in Ashenvale near the Sentinal outpost of Silverwing. From there, she leads the small group of sisters in assisting the Sentinels in their fight against orcish incursions into Kaldorei lands. Her intense hatred for them has only increased as they pushed farther and farther into the sacred forest. She will not rest until they have expelled every last trespasser from their lands, demonic and otherwise.
I think this is a great idea and I am in. I will pull together a character tonight and get her posted here.
just wanted to wish you luck with this hope you get the ppl you need:)
Name: Calithielle (Cal-lith-i-elle)

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Moon Priestess

Age: 10, 587

Physical Description: Calithielle stands around 6’7” and is of average weight. Her dark hair is long and is woven in several elaborate braids that pull the hair back from her eyes and leaves it trailing down her back. Her skin is a light violet color providing a soft contrast to her dark blue tresses. She does have facial tattoos in the form of smooth stylistic scrollwork drawn over each eye trailing down to her cheeks. Several silver stylized moons, all delicate in appearance, adorn the crown of her head.

Equipment/Armor: She wears a layered cloth dress that reaches just below her knee: the bottom layer is silver representing the moon and the sheer top layer is dark blue representing the night sky. The bodice of the dress has one loose sleeve with the other shoulder bare. She wears a silver breastplate to protect her torso. A dagger is nestled within her belt and she uses a silver and black two-sided moonglaive. She does carry a bow, but her primary weapon is the use of holy magic as a ranged ability. She wears knee high boots of dark leather. Her bow is made of dark wood and is inlaid with silver scrolling and small moons.

Weaknesses/Negative Attributes: Proud, she has a hard time asking for and accepting help. She can be overconfident in her martial combat skills, which are considerably less practiced than her ranged skills. She holds an idealistic view of the Priestesses of the Moon, considering them more in tune to Elune than the other Priestess sisterhoods.

Strengths/Positive Attributes: She is skilled at using holy spells for combat from a distance and has the ability to remain calm under pressure. She is skilled at combat healing, but prefers to fight rather than heal. Although she has spent a lot of time in temples, she is comfortable in the forests of her people--she is less confident outside of night elven territory.

Personality: A patient and serene person, she is kind to those she likes and rather terse and arrogant to those she does not. She does not hesitate to voice her opinion when she feels it is needed (even when it may not be wanted). She believes that as a race, the Kal’dorei have an innate wisdom that the ‘younger’ races do not and often can come across as condescending to other races of the Alliance.

History: Calithielle has been groomed to become a Priestess of the Moon since she was a young child. While this was not a path that she would have originally chosen for herself, she believes that it chose her. She quickly grasped the intricacies of the healing arts as well as martial combat. She became adept at combat healing although she prefers to be firing her bow into the thick of things.

During the War of the Ancients, she sided with the rest of her sisters against the Highborn and the demons. Between the horrors of that war and what the Highborn had nearly cost her people she developed an intense hatred of those who willing work with demons, a trait that has made dealing with Alliance warlocks very difficult to her.

When the druids went into their long slumber, she stayed with the temple instead of joining the sentinels and spent many long years in the temple studying and honing her martial skills. She was called out on occasion to see to the health of the slumbering druids and eventually took her turn at a small outpost in Ashenvale, seeing to the spiritual and healing needs of the night elves stationed there. While it was something that she was quite suited to do given her calm demeanor and skills with holy spells, it was not something that she particularly enjoyed.

She was dubious when the night elves entered into the Alliance, thinking that as a race the humans were too youthful and hotheaded to do anything more than constantly wage war on the orcs—who were equally young and hot-headed. While she originally held confidence that the night elves could flush out the orcs that were cutting down Ashenvale, she is now reconsidering that position as the orcs continue to push into the ancient forest killing as many night elves as they can along the way. The idea that they may actually need help is a struggle for her accept.

Until recently, she was stationed at the temple in Darnassas to train new Priestesses of the Moon in the ways of combat healing, although she would have preferred something more physical. When given the opportunity to join a group in Ashenvale, she quickly agreed, as it would get her out of the temple and into something that she thought would be more interesting than teaching young priestesses how to heal while being attacked.

((This still needs some flushing out and additional test writing. Once I get back home I can fill in additional details with her history and worldview with some added research.))
Very interested. This would be my first Forum RP, (if you saw my noobness earlier I'm sorry)
BTW Knaak is the worst

Will Make a post soon with my bio
((Please let me know if I can improve this; I'm a little new to role playing.))

Name: Naeira Glaivestrike

Race: Kaldorei (Night Elf)

Class: Moon Priestess

Age: 10,377

Physical description:Of average build for a Kaldorei female, Naeira has pale violet skin and aquamarine hair that falls to her shoulders. Her long eyebrows are the same color, as are the vivid stripes that cross her face vertically. Like many of her race, she has glowing silver eyes.

Equipment/Armor: Naeira wears a thicker, more sturdy version of the classic Mooncloth robe, with short sleeves and looser bottom for more leg mobility. Over that, she wears a silver mail shirt that is quite loose, stretching to her elbows and past her waist. She also wears a hardened form-fitting white leather breastplate over her chest that goes under her arms and stops several inches above the waist, adding extra protection and helping to keep the shirt in place. Her feet are bare, but she wears cloth wraps over her hands and up her wrist. Around her forehead hangs a light silver chain circlet, decorated with a single crescent moon charm in the center.  Favored weapons include the moonglaive and the bow, though a knife is also kept on hand. 

Weaknesses/Negative Attributes: Susceptibility to demons (see below); weaker link to Elune than most other Sisters; holds grudges and is bent on revenge.

Strengths/Positive Attributes: Excellent aim with bow and glaive;  well-functional under pressure; good choices with split-second or otherwise decisions/ideas.

Personality: Smile? Naeira hasn't smiled in 300 years. The last time she laughed was almost 500 years ago. The closest she comes to amusement these days is a raise of her vibrant eyebrows and a twist of the corner of her mouth.  Often quite grim in demeanor, she can be very shadowy about herself and her past. She is the silent type, appearing to most as sweet, innocent, and harmless to many, though she is quite the opposite. 

Hellbent on vengeance, the priestess once took 150 years tracking down a powerful and corrupted tauren who killed one of her closest things to a friend, a Sentinel stationed with her in Feralas. Though she would never show it, she is extremely fragile in both ego and heart. Though she has no love for the Alliance, she understands its necessity for the survival of her race and culture. 

She is very wary of the Allied races except for the Draenei, to whom she took a particular liking after their arrival on Azeroth. She speaks a small bit of their language and is enthralled in their culture. She is secretly artistic and poetic and has an eye for beauty. 

History: Naeira was born and grew up in Suramar. At about 200 years, her talent for fighting was identified and she began training as a member of the Kaldorei army several years later. When she was 270,  the Burning Legion invaded, murdering all of her family except for one cousin, who had been initiated as a member of the army several years prior and was away at the time. Horrible memories from the event still leave her vulnerable to shock when facing any dreadguard, infernal, felhound, or felguard, making her extremely susceptible to warlocks.

Left alone after the destruction, she was rescued by the Sisters of Elune as they fled the demolished city, prompting her to begin training with them instead. After several years of training, she was issued to Felwood to help cleanse some of the corruption there, later moving on to Auberdine in Darkshore for guiding initiates in the area. For several years in between that, she lived in Feralas as an operative in Feathermoon Stronghold. Her most recent assignment has led her to Ashenvale. 
Friendly bump.
((I'm a little new with RPing Priestesses, so let me know if I should change something.Also I made Carladia, and will post on her when she has a profile.))

Name:Carladia (Pronounced like spelled)

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Moon Priestess

Age: 10,103

Physical Description: She is of average build in height and weight, but she is slim and agile. Her hair is always in a ponytail. She wears the markings that have simularity to butterfly wings. Her hair is a medium blue. Her skin is a light violet, and like most Kaldorei, her eyes glow silver.

Equipment/Armor: She wears white,silver lined loose fitting robes. They are that way to provide movement. She wears leather pants and breastplate underneath. She favors daggers and bows. She is not as skilled as most with the glaive, but she is able to use it. She wears cloth gloves, that dont have fingertips,and they go to her elbow. They match the robe and slightly glow.

Weaknesses/Negative Attributes: When angered, she won't think straight, and does not watch her actions. She is distrustful of people all of the time.

Strengths/Positive Attributes: She can change her personality and speak in a way that enables her to gain the trust of people, or have them listen. She is very skilled with a dagger, and almost never misses her mark.

Personality: Carladia changes her personality to fit the situation. If need be, she will be very sweet and diplomatic. Or she will be serious or formal, or even sneaky. She has a basically happy demeanor, and is optimistic when she's just relaxing or taking a break.

When asked about her past, her demeanor changes in an instant. She won't speak to strangers. She has a major hatred of demons and will not trust them at any cost. She loves to sing and dance, but won't unless she's alone.

History: Carladia was born in Auberdine in Darkshore. She lived peacefully and quietly with her parents. When she was to begin training, she couldn't decide whether to seek the ways of the Druid, or the calling of Elune. Strangely enough, her father was a druid and her mother a priestess. So her decision could hurt either.

She began training as a Priestess, when her father was called to Felwood. Many years passed and there was no word from him. Carladia was near the end of her training and was preparing to go find him, as she was going to be sent to Felwood to cleanse some of the corrruption alongside others. Her mother recieved a letter and it told that her lover had been killed by some demons.

Hurt, Carladia left, and bent on revenge, headed to Felwood. She did her duties well, and when she traveled home for a short time, her mother was dead. Her body wasn't found, but she knew she was dead. Since she had nowhere to go, she drowned herself in her work. She was completely against siding with the Alliance, but alas, she couldnt control such things. She now travels to wherever she's sent.
Istella, you need to come find me again. I misplaced your email. >_>
Name: Roonsine

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Moon Priestess

Age: 10,006

Physical Description:

Roon is short for a Kaldorei, at a mere 6 and a half feet short, she often finds herself annoyed with the constant strain to see her peers eye to eye. Her short sapphire hair is almost never in view, as she is content to sacrifice the beauty of the longer haired women for the practicality of her style. Her dark blue skin shimmers like the deep sea as she takes great pride in the collection of rare ointments applied daily. She procures these in her travels.

Equipment/Armor: A full set of Warden Mail she carries in her saber's saddle bags. The accompanying ring blade is her weapon of choice. Her Sentinel leathers and mail are often her city gear as she does not like using her mother's armor due to the stigma placed on her mother's profession. The item she cherishes more than anything is a picture of her mother and father painted while she was in uterus.

Weaknesses/Negative Attributes: Her father was missing since conception. Fidelity is strong in her culture and the shame she was raised with for being the lone daughter of a trifling father has made Roon an introvert. Elune's light has always been a comfort for Roon, her induction to the Order was first as a guard, then second on her attunement to the light.

Strengths/Positive Attributes: Her mother's profession has left Roon with a sense of invulnerability. She feels there is nothing her people cannot overcome, and refuses to cower. (Also this has gotten her in trouble in the past, wise warriors know when to retreat!) Though her strength in the light is poor compared to her peers, she wields enough of Elune's grace to identify unholyness in her immediate presence. (immediate means, touching or extreme. Like the presence of an imp would not alert her beyond base senses. But a dreadlord would cause her to startle)

Personality: Quiet and introverted. Roonsine is all business, having never seen the sundering all Roon was raised with was tales of avarice and hubris that caused the ill fate of the world. She is very protective of whomever she sees as family. And as she spent most of her child hood following her mother around the world, she does not have the same racial hang ups of most of her kind. Her mother was present at the War of the sands and regaled her of the nature of the nomadic Tauren.

History: Roonsine's mother was pregnant at the time of the sundering. As such, she took to the matriarchal lifestyle in full swing. She always dreamed of following in the Warden's path and felt that she would serve the Kaldorei best in this.

For hundreds of years she assisted her mother in her duties as a Warden. Roon was able to see the severity of a warden's order in many ways. She had a hand in locking up Highborn bent on destruction, demons of various breed and origin, even feral worgen that stalked the northern woods. Proud as she was, Roon's experience was not always as justifiable. Whatever her mother was assigned, she was apt to obey, even the slaughter of a family of "tainted" Kaldorei. The child's terrified shriek still bears weight on her soul.

One day she arrived home from fishing and found her mother infuriated and incomprehensible. She tried to console her mother anguish, but was simply greeted with a parchment thrust into gut. The letter was simple to read but impossible to understand. "You are hereby stripped of your warden status, and your daughter may no longer train on warden ground."

Her mother took up gardening to make due and still lives in the out skirts of Astranar. This quiet life was welcome to a career Warden. She was quick to adjust to the calm nature of the garden, and gave her daughter the gear that was Roon's stolen birthright.

Roonsine collapsed into a deep depression as the two things intrinsic to her lifestyle had just been torn away. After a while, (probably decades?) Roon was ready to take her mother's training to some productive use and promptly was enrolled as a city guard.

She stood millennia in front of the innumerous posts in her service. But the longest held and most influential was the Sisterhood. Service after service, prayer after prayer left Roon a devotee. Roon's early life left her very aware of the monsters that hide in the dark places of the soul, and her heart was open to the touch of her Goddess. Noting of her teaming light, the sisterhood employed Roon as a Guardian of the Sisterhood. Her title allows her a chaplain role in the city guard, but little else in the eyes of the populace.
By ring blade do you mean Umbra crescent?
Actually I think she means the Warden's moon sword.

Winterlynn- accepted

I'll post about the others once I get more than 2 minutes to sit down and type a response.
You bet, Thanks
I just looked it up and it says it's the same thing :P so we are on the same page anyway.
glad to see this thread is gettin quite a few responses:D
I was trying to research this weapon. My copy of the WoW roleplay book is still at home. D=

Ill take your word on it's proper name. I reference the item the wardens in WC3 used.
Just to let you guys know, I meant what I said about being picky for this thread so most of these things that I am about to critique are relatively small and I would normally let them slide, but I’m afraid I can’t this time. My apologies, but I hope you understand and do not mind mending them so that we can still RP together, which I look forward to. :)

Okay, I have to admit, I find it a bit odd that your character is named the Darnassian equivalent of ‘hello.’ The part about hunting down the tuaren in your back story does not make much sense; in part because 150 is the absolute maximum life span for them (and I doubt he killed her friend as an infant) and also because night elves and tuaren lived in peace and largely ignored one another for thousands of years until they sided with the orcs. Also, about her age during the WotA, I doubt she would have begun her training at 15. Depending on what source you go by night elves don’t reach maturity until either 110 or 300 years of age but, either way, 15 is far too young for combat training; especially for an ‘elite force.’

Mostly it is her personality that needs some work. It seems like you couldn’t settle on one so you just decided to be vague and pick them all. If you want to make her manipulative and have her adjust how she behaves depending on the situation, then that is completely fine, but you do need to nail down a baseline personality for her.

Just to clarify, I’m not looking for Sentinels, but rather Priestesses of the Moon. Many priestesses became Sentinels during the Long Vigil, but the ones in this RP will be those who remained strictly with the Sisters. Also, if she was so loyal to her mother, I find it difficult to believe that she would run out and join the group responsible for what happened to the Wardens.

And to clear things up for everyone, when I said that I was looking for Priestesses of the Moon, this is the archetype I was referring to:
Hardened warrior priests, not the cuddly healers you generally see in-game; they are actually closer in function to human paladins than to other priesthoods.

I hope that I wasn’t too harsh in my critique; except for those few things that I pointed out, the back stories are all very well written. I understand if you don’t want to change your characters just for this single RP, but I do ask if you are serious about joining, that you try to adjust them. I’m off to work shortly, but I’ll look over them again tomorrow morning.

I’m still planning on keeping the RP small, so if everyone who has posted so far amends their applications to take into account what I’ve said, then I’ll be closing the sign-ups. If anyone would like to drop out at this point, then I will consider reopening them before I start the IC thread.

And thanks for all of your guys' interest and support for this thread. :)
I'm sorry if it wasn't clear, her baseline personality was happiness and being optimistic. Sorry again.
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