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" Also, if she was so loyal to her mother, I find it difficult to believe that she would run out and join the group responsible for what happened to the Wardens."

She didn't know what happened. She was denied access before becoming one. Her mother never told her.

Aside, Thank you for your consideration! I had a fun time making a character.
I have flushed out her character traits a little more to give the opportunity for character development and growth. I think I have her characters flaws set so that she doesn’t come across as dysfunctional when written.

I pulled her traits more in line with the information that was posted concerning Priestesses of the Moon, namely changing the leather breastplate to silver and her main weapon the bow and holy magics. I kept the melee combat weapon, as there will be times that she will be in hand-to-hand combat, but that is not her strong suit. I was thinking archery combined with smite and holy fire—although as a night elf, I am not certain what either spell will look like just yet. Perhaps I should be considering discipline over holy when it comes to spells?

(Here is the quote I am pulling from:

“Valuable as healers during wartime, priestesses of the moon can also use their divine magic spells to hinder or harm the enemy. They are also inspirational leaders and excellent archers. Priestesses of the moon often keep to the rear, protecting the wounded with ranged weapons.”

Although in this thread, we won’t be in the rear protecting the wounded.)
Nice Winterlynn, you managed to make your character even more polished. And thanks to everyone else for amending or clarifying your own posts. I appreciate you putting so much effort into them. :)

Winterlynn, Eluneadore, and Elderhunter are all accepted for the RP on their respective characters. Runesine, if you are willing to adjust your character's backstory so that she joined the priesthood specifically instead of the Sentinels, then I would be happy to have you as well.

I've finished writing the IC opening and should have it up once I am done proofreading and polishing it.
Alright can't wait. This is my first time RPing a Moon Priestess, so correct me if I do something wrong.
Okay, the IC page is up. If anyone wants to, you can be the third priestess in my patrol- Nemorensi only has one other with her so whoever posts from that point of view first (if anyone wants to) gets to have it. Everyone else should be coming from the chapterhouse with Kerroan. I would rather not have anyone be from Elysial's patrol.

All the NPCs are under my control; feel free to interact with them if they are near you, but don't write them doing anything terribly major or contradictory.

I am not really one for making posting cycles in my threads as long as no one moves ahead of me in the plot. But for this beginning part, I will post first, followed by the priestesses in whatever order they choose, then the demon hunter. After his post, please wait to post again until I get the chance to. After that, we will see what rhythm the thread takes and I'll decide then to create an order or just let everyone have at it at their own pace.
Could you provide a general description of Kerroan and Elysial? I don't want to make an assumption when referring to them (and I am one to make references to someone via physical description: i.e. the silver-haired woman).

I am working on a post now, not sure when it will be fit to put up. Hopefully later tonight.
Sorry I didn't a chance to respond to you sooner, Winter. I honestly haven't put that much thought into what the others look like. I guess Kerroan can be classic night elf, dark purple skin and hair. Elysial is violet with silver hair and Taladae has pale skin and cyan hair. All of the priestesses are wearing some sort of silver armor, are equipped with bows, and riding saber cats of various colors/patterns.

It seems like you and I are the only ones who have posted yet. :(
I know real life can get in the way sometimes so I will give everyone who was accepted until around this time tomorrow to get their opening posts up, after that we will have to move on without them.
Hopefully they will post. This is a neat idea and I am rather excited at the prospect of playing a priestess of the moon--something a little different for me.
I hope this thread gets going too sounds interesting and I am looking forward to reading it:D
If I might suggest, write a short intro for the demon hunter. What is he doing, what brought him here. It would help set the scene for encountering him and give the thread a much needed bump.
06/30/2012 05:36 PMPosted by Winterlynn
If I might suggest, write a short intro for the demon hunter. What is he doing, what brought him here. It would help set the scene for encountering him and give the thread a much needed bump.

Istella wants the priestesses to all go ahead and post before I do my intro, which will be as long as it needs ot be. =p
So Istella, hows it goin? Sign ups still open perhaps?
06/30/2012 05:39 PMPosted by Serrar
Istella wants the priestesses to all go ahead and post before I do my intro, which will be as long as it needs ot be. =p

Ah, no worries. Hopefully they will post soon!

On another note, I did start a night elven priestess by the same name for in-game rp. I liked the concept for the one I came up with so once she gets to level 10, I will start posting with her. Of course, I need another priest like a hole in my head...
Well on the off chance you might accept one more, here ya go.

Name: Reyara Leafblade

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Moon Priestess

Age: 1,756

Physical Description: She stands at 6’9” and has a well-toned body. Her skin is a light violet almost pinkish hue. Her light blue hair runs half way down her back in a braded fashion. She has a few piercings on her ears depicting the goddess and the crescent moon.

Equipment/Armor: Reyara carries with her a moon sword and a bow crafted by her mother when she mastered the use of the ancient weapon. She wears leather armor with white cloth hanging from it as to better allow herself maneuverability out in the wilds.

Weaknesses/Negative Attributes: She is distrustful of others, sometimes even her fellow sisters. She greatly distrusts any that are not her own race and hates the orcs with a burning passion. She occasionally will be seen or heard talking to herself, sometimes seemingly arguing with herself.

Strengths/Positive Attributes: She is skilled with a bow, being trained in its use for years by her sentinel mother. She also can wield the magic of Elune with proficiency and her skill with a blade is adequate.

Personality: Reyara is closed off to others; she does not like to talk about herself openly, not even to her other priestesses. Highly introverted she did not have many if any friends when she was growing up in Ashenvale. You could say she has a bit of an inferiority complex.

History: Reyara was raised in Ashenvale by her mother, her father being a druid only spent a few years with them before returning to the Emerald Dream. Her mother, Lynara was once a sister of Elune but was never fully joined before the Legion came and she would later become a Sentinel.

Reyara never felt like she was able to live up to the expectations of her mother and peers. She never sought out a mate during her life either; instead she developed a close relationship with her childhood friend and sentinel Tiara.

She joined the sisters of Elune in full when she was five hundred years old. Her skill with a bow was exceptional as her mother had taught her. Things became more complicated for her when her sister Ilthalya was born only three years after she joined the sisterhood. She tried to help Ilthalya become a priestess, but her younger sister proved to be stubborn and outright refused to join the sisterhood, to the point that quite a few of her fellow sisters saw it as a lapse in her judgment.

Then her youngest sister was born and joined the sentinels. During the war of the shifting sands her father was killed by a swarm of

Hundreds of year later the Orcs invaded Ashenvale murdered Cenarius and many night elves. Reyara, while leading a sentinel group found her sisters body amongst the dead defenders. What many thought to be impossible happened the day Reyara found her sisters body hanging from one of the trees, headless. She became even more secluded, rarely even talking to her other sister Ilthalya or even her mother, Lynara.

Despite her excessive introversion Reyara still preforms her duties as a sister of Elune.

And while you read over, here's Linken Park
Question about writing: do you want us to take up where the last person left off or go back and write our own account of the event?
Arg sorry to be a lore/detail freak but people keep saying moon sword and is that a moonglaive? Or an Umbra Crescent? Or some kind of other sword? More specification or a description please. Sorry don't want to sound stuck up or obnoxious but I keep getting confused! :p
So, seeing as it's been something like three days and only two people have posted, should I just go ahead and post assuming no one else is going to make it and be able to be involved? >_>
You should post the events that have taken place so far from your character's point of view. In your guys' case, either being the single priestess following Nemorensi or one of the many fetched from the chapterhouse by Taladae. Please don't move ahead of my character in either timeline or plot unless I let you know otherwise. Which is part of the reason we haven't needed a description of the demon hunter yet, no one has encountered him so far and shouldn't until after both he and I post again.

Lynara, so far Winter is the only one to have posted IC, Eluneadore has at least been active in the OCC thread, but I haven't seen any sign of Elderhunter or Runesine. I am going to give everyone a few more hours to post in the IC thread, but if they haven't by then, we will move on and you can have one of their spots.

And moon swords and umbra crescents are different names for the same weapon- basically a bladed hoop used by Wardens:

As opposed to the three-bladed moonglaives used by Sentinels:

There is no real reason that Priestesses of the Moon couldn't learn to wield either of these but I doubt it would be a common occurrence for them to use moon swords, since I have only ever seen Wardens with them. Granted Runesine's character had a believable reason, inheriting it from her Warden mother, but to have one your character would also need a good excuse. The moon glaives seem to be a more common weapon. But either way, Priestesses of the Moon are said to favor bows.
Okay, I think I've been pretty patient waiting on people to post, but at this point it is time to move the thread along. We can go ahead and have the demon hunter post now.

I haven't seen hide nor hair of Elderhunter or Runesine so I am going to have to drop them both from the thread.

Lynara, since your character just got approved, and Eluneadore, since you've posted recently in the OOC thread, both of you can stay in the thread if you manage to slip your posts in between now and when I post again IC. I just ask that if you post after the demon hunter but before me, please do not reference his post and stop yours at the same point in time that Winter did.
ok so we were say at the chapterhouse, doing whatever than riding out for combat? Just want to get a feel for things so I can get my first post as good as possible.

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