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Through all of my WoW "career" (the initial starting weeks of Vanilla to present day), one memory has continued to haunt me. It refuses to me, and even now, it replaces most other thoughts when remembering back.

What's your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft?

Edit: Mine? Mine was when I first started playing WoW as a human warrior and was running the Deadmines for the first time. I was invited as a tank who had no knowledge whatsoever about my class - of course, I didn't tell them. One of the mages had said "OOM"; I asked what it meant in party. They promptly replied, "It means you're out of mana".

On that day, I as a warrior said "OOM" repeatedly. Did I know what it meant? Nope.
(You didn't tell us yours)

Well, there were the incidents on my very first toon through which I got a crash course in the game mechanics. But I talk about those too much as it is.

Beyond that? Three words:

Three. Angry. Gorillas.

I leveled several characters through pre-cataclysm Un'goro crater, because I loved questing there. Every time I did the quest to escort A-ME-01 out of the gorilla cave, I would, without fail, end up fighting three gorillas at once, largely due to A-ME-01's unique ability to be the biggest aggro magnet of any vanilla escort NPC.

More often than not, I died as a result of this.

Eventually it became a thing with me and the guild I was in at the time. Every now and then, three angry gorillas would show up in guild chat and beat up some random schmuck. Of course, I'm no longer in that guild (or even on that server), so it's become an in-joke that only I get now.

But I still occasionally make references to them.
Most memorable moment in WoW? ...I'd have to say the entire switch from a PvE server to a RP server. It was an amazing experience from the start and I've met a lot of amazing people ever since I left my old server. (Fenris, I will miss you!<)
Warning: Nerd alert.

I met the love of my life over this stupid game, so that is, by far, my greatest memory. He was running back from Deadmines on his fat Elekk and myself and my then guild master were standing on the roof of the Sentinel Hill inn dancing. I remember what his character was wearing, one of those red pirate shirts and a battered jungle hat. I started taunting him that he couldn't get on the roof. He eventually did (through much male Draenei blundering) and danced with us. I invited him to the guild and never looked back.

Three years of friendship and nearly two years of dating. Best thing that ever happened to me.
I have several.

But probably the time I killed off my main and ran a Alliance side plot via GHI and the forums that affected people I didn't even know.

Also there was spine breaking involved.

Roleplaying back on Feathermoon with Fannie. We were Blood Elves and the comedic relief of the guild.
It was a wedding in Nagrand for some guildies and we decided to go crazy and leap off the edge, then promptly get chased by clefthoofs ICly while screaming and flailing. I still giggle. x)
My first time ever running ToC, the entire raid was dead, and Icehowl had just run back to charge. He only had around 60k health left, and all I had to do was run out of the way.

"You have been disconnected from the server."

At least we one-shot every other boss with our raid of alts and newbies though.
Back in the true twink days, just before levelling in BG's rolled around, I had a level 60 frost Dk that I twinked out. In AV, running across Field of Strike with a posse of 51-54 folks hanging near me for protection.

Blood elf Ret pally twink comes at us with her own posse of low levels.

Cooldowns were blown, our respective posse's died in the first salvo. Fight lasted five minutes. She beat me, then died from Frost Fever a second later.

We fought three more times, and every time we did we managed to kill each other at the same time.

If I hadn't had the nagging suspicion that she was a G.I.R.L I might have looked her up.
When I first started playing back in TBC on Feathermoon. I was a Female Gnome Warrior, and for who knows what reason my friend convinced me to go over to Kalimdor to level with their Night Elf in Darkshore, though they were never on at the same time as me so I was pretty much stuck, and I didn't wanna have to make the trek back over to EK. I ended up meeting a female Draenei Shaman in Darkshore as well and became fast friends with her. We leveled to 60 together and had a great time, but as I kept going on to 70, she just.. disappeared. I never heard from her again, but I'll always have the memory of leveling for the first time and doing so with a great friend.
Most memorable, two are tied.

1) I had a NElf Hunter, and I was doing the Scythe questline. I sneaked past STV without so much as a single shot fired. Talk about good fortune considering the level my Hunter was.

2) Same NElf Hunter, Shade of Aran. I was BM spec at the time. I sent in my kitty cat, and for sixty to seventy percent of the fight with a glitched Aran, it survived and really gave him a headache. Needless to say, I was amazed. My kitty cat...just..would...not...die.
A month ago or so, Val, my old priest friend, brought up the first time we dueled. We were leveling through Howling Fjord in the black wolf area around level 70. Val was his second toon, Con was my first. Being clueless to PvP, I lost miserably and then died to a wolf. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then he took me up the elevator to duel me at the top of a cliff. And he MCed me off the damned cliff.

We dueled again several months ago in Eversong. The fight took between about 13 and 15 minutes with him as shadow and me as afflic. !@#$ was intense. Then, with us both at about 10 percent and very low on mana, I accidentally feared him out of the dueling area, making him forfeit. So disappointing. We spent the next 10 or so minutes debating who would've won with no solid resolve, of course. Someday, when we're both feeling up to it, there will be justice!
Back on Argent Dawn, killing pre-nerf C'thun in Vanilla after working at it for weeks with my guild at the time. I about had a heart attack when we finally downed him.
Mine had to be when I first started playing.

I was a dwarf hunter, and all I did mostly was explore the world and such. I remember I was around level 30, and I met up with a group of other lvl 30 hunters questing together, and I joined them.

We leveled together up to about 50 in BC, and that's when we all went seperate ways, probably the most fun I've ever had.

There was also the time I roled my DK in early wrath, thinking they were amazing and that I'd "own the noobs.". I met into this blood elf Paladin who asked me to do Strat with him, and I accidently clicked the voice chat button, and was talking. in which, he responded. We became fast friends, and he invited me into a chat log with a bunch of his friends, where I fastly became their friend, and met my best friend, Nathul.
I have two memorable moments. One of them was when I first started playing WoW. I had heard about it before, and wanted to try it out for myself. I bought an account (recklessly, without even looking into the game.) I made a Night Elf at first. I remember logging in to see the beautiful, enchanting forests of Teldrassil, with the haunting Night Elf music playing in the background. That was when I fell in love with World of Warcraft.

The second would be even more memorable than the first. It was when I made a Blood Elf for the first time, not very long after I first started playing (since I started playing WoW somewhat close to the end of vanilla). I logged in to hear the heroic music, the transition from the sickly Ghostlands to the beautiful Eversong Woods. I listened to the narrator tell me the Blood Elves' history. I explored the zone even further. I saw the land's elegant architecture, it's unique wildlife. That was when I knew I wanted to play the Blood Elves. I was already on Moon Guard at this point, because a friend convinced to to WoW RP with him. I started RPing as a Blood Elf, learned the lore, and fell in love with it, as well as Warcraft lore as a whole. I played the Warcraft games to learn more... oh, the nostalgia.
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What's your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft?

Most memorable moment? Easy. Scourge 2nd coming event. I was playing my Blood Knight, helping evacuate Silvermoon. I had a couple personal friends attacking areas fairly common with the RP crowd, and OOM'd myself several times to try and keep the group I was looking after safe.

Anyway, the last wave of their attacks had me just outside Theron's throne room, they turned all the guards, which got taken down by Holy Wrath, then blew themselves up to turn me. Oh, that was great fun! From there we went to swarm Eversong and hunt down ERPers. Best night of my life!
I remember back when my druid was level 20-something I was in the barrens and I found this floating building in the sky and a bunch of undead patrolling near camp Taurajo.

It was probably the Naxx even but it feels like it was before patch 1.11 so I can't really remember.

Also I got killed by a hostile deer mob that was either named Bambi or Bambi's Mom that was wandering around just outside of Thunderbluff in early vanilla. Back then I didn't know if that was normal or not, but looking back on it I definitely wasn't normal. And no, it was not the Grizzly Hill's Bambina. Northrend didn't exist back then.
When I came to Moon Guard.

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