((ICC 25 man Achievment run tonight))

Heroes of the Alliance, for too long has Arthas murdered our friends and family. Tonight we make a stand against him. Tonight him and his minions will pay for what they have done. Tonight the Alliance will claim victory over the Lich King, and bring peace to Azeroth. We will be breaching his defenses at 20:00 tonight. ((8:00pm ST))

For the Alliance!

((Don't really know how to make an IC forum post about an old raid for an Achievment run >.> Spots are reserved to Twilight Empire guildies and friends first, and then we will PuG the rest out. If you are interested, please send me in-game mail, or reply to this post. Please expect to wipe if we mess up on a few bosses, mainly Dreamwalker due to the portals coming so close together. Bloods & shards are reserved to 2 guldies, everything else is up for grabs. Will only be doing the normal achievments first, then next week will do heroic and any achievments we might of messed up on.))

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