[A] - <Aspect> Lvl 25 LFM for 10man Roster

<Aspect> Lvl 25


Raid Schedule (Server Time):
Tuesday - 9:30pm - 11:00pm
Wednesday - 9:30pm - 11:00pm

1 Tank
3 Healers
1 Melee DPS
2 Ranged DPS

Currently accepting all levels and classes. We are preparing for MoP and now is a good time to start fresh. Send Vesh or me an in-game mail for an invite or PM me anytime.
If you want melee dps I'm your man
401 Rogue here 5/8 HM
add me on real id, shaun-wilen@Hotmail.com

have about 5 friends that are moving from sc to korgath that are interested.
Thanks for those who are interested in joining. Unfortunately, my husband Mario's account is not currently active at this time. He will be returning close to patch day (Aug 28th) and reply to those who are inquiring about the guild.

At this time, the guild is not raiding and is mostly preparing for MoP. We are accepting all levels, but are also looking for core members to fill our raid spots for when we hit 90 and are ready to raid.

PM anyone in the guild in-game for an invite, visit our website, or reply on this forum for any questions. The best way to get a hold of Mario will be on our website (http://aspect-korgath.enjin.com). Hope to see all of you in-game :)

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