WTS Profession Levelling Kits 1-525 (UPDATED)

Looking to sell Profession levelling kits! Great time to switch up those profession for Mists Of Pandaria for your main, or finally get some professions on that alt of yours! I am currently selling profession kits that are guaranteed to get you from 1 - 525 skill in the profession of your choice. I currently support Inscription, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting & Engineering (Enchanting and Blacksmithing Negotiable). All kits are intended to be used with the guides found at wow-professions &/or tarou wow guides.



The Receiving Process:

Once an order has been completed it will be stored in my Alt guild bank. You will be invited to guild (doesn't have to be your main you can do this with an unguilded alt) and be placed at the "inspector" rank. At this point you will double check your profession kit with the material list found at wow-professions or tarou wow guides for your profession. Once you approve of your kit BOTH parties will type out the terms of the transaction in party chat and agree to them. (This is to have in game logs for gms to refer to should either party attempt any shady business). Once both parties have agreed in party chat, funds will be deposited inside the guild bank. Once funds have been received you will be promoted to a "buyer" rank and be given free reign over the bank tabs containing your kit. I will stay online for the entire duration of your leveling process so if you happen to come up short on materials for whatever reason I'll supply the mats necessary to continue levelling.

Note: Vendor Materials are not included in the price. Skill-ups in professions are sometimes luck based. If you come up short don't worry, I'll purchase all materials needed to continue the levelling process at my cost.


As MoP approaches prices are rising due to a major surge in demand and a big reduction in supply. If you're looking to minimise costs, this isnt the service for you. If you're after a quick and painless levelling experience, this is your best option.

Also, I am looking for suppliers of low level herbs and ore!

Thanks to Stega - Illidan for his post (saved me alot of time typing)
Hey there, Insanity.

Very interested in Engi and Inscription, get in contact with me whenever you can (have a couple of quick questions before purchase). Thanks mate!
Send me a message in-game and we'll work something out! :)
Interested in enchaning from 290+ , if there is something we can work out in regards to this

Oh and maybe a JC kit
I'll contact you in game regarding your purchase!
Interesting concept.
Purchased an Engineering kit 1-525, very quick and great prices and easy to deal with. If you need to level a profession i highly recommend seeing this guy!

Hey Insanity! Are you also the person who does the leveling kits for Moon Guard? If so, I am interested!
No sorry, unfortunately I can only do Frostmourne at this time.
Hey mate I know you aren't selling leatherworking profession kits but I was wondering what price you would charge if you were.
They are priced correctly, Frostmourne's auction house prices are very expensive and alot of materials are simply not readily available. The price also includes the time taken to go farm the neccesary materials. You are paying for convenience, not to be cost effective. To be cost effective you would farm all the materials yourself
06/29/2012 11:06 PMPosted by Glaeder
Hey mate I know you aren't selling leatherworking profession kits but I was wondering what price you would charge if you were.

Levelled it on my DK, cost at least 3-5x more than any other profession. Nobody wants to be a skinner so you are forced to pay absurd prices =(
@Glaeder currently I am not supplying a Leatherworking kit. At this stage I do not have a skinner readily available. If I did, I most definately would be selling it.
Bought a Engi kit from this guy, had no drama's at all. The man is a champion, i strongly recommend him to anyone who is considering this
Currently have alchemy in stock, may be expanding to Blacksmithing & Leatherworking soon.
Hey Insanity,

I used to do these back in Wotlk every now and then.

Your method seems very professional and thus i would like to help in someway.

I have started farming recently and will soon be able to provide a BS kit and if needed i could easily change it into an ENGI one if needed.

I can also provide a leatherworking one if you need, perhaps a week from now? (900+ boreans will be a drag though :l)

Message this alt or Anotherwizrd in game if your interested.

ps. I have no interest in selling the kits myself due to the hours spent advertising and speaking with people... i am more then happy to provide you with the materials though if your interested.
Sounds good, I'll contact you in-game.
It's just that I wish to sell a lw kit however am not sure how to price it, considering everyone mentions that your prices are very fair I was wondering if you would be able to give me an estimate :). (not to worry I am on a different server so will not be any competition or such :D)

I can't tell you this, it depends on your server's economy and current demand. If supply is less than demand, price rises. If supply is more than demand, price decreases.

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