WTS Profession Levelling Kits 1-525 (UPDATED)

Reduction in price of both Alchemy + Inscription due to recent bulk supply of low level herbs , however, due to current demand Engineering + Jewelcrafting prices have both risen.
How much for an enchanting kit?

And what if 10 people pay to jump to the top. How does that work
If 10 People jump, i'm in for a long, long, long, long night of farming. Enchanting is negotiable low level materials are very expensive, if your interested we can work something out in-game.
hi insanityx

Looking to buy alchemy kit

pst me ingame or mail thanks
This is exactly what I need on my server
Bought an Engineering kit, all mats were supplied plus extras, easy to follow and maxed out in an hour or so. Insanityx is great, thanks.
Purchased and engineering Kit of this guy all good went of without a hitch. He kept in great contact with me throughout my leveling of the profession making sure I was having no problems took me < 1 1/2 hrs from purchase of kit to 525 :)
Will have 1-525 BS LW AND JC kits ready by tomorrow
Brought an Alchemy kit kit off insanity all mats supplied, 5 Stars Great seller i would guarantee anybody looking for buy lvling kits to see insanity nice and easy 5 Stars!!!
Currently have in stock:

Inscription x 2
JC x 1
looking for jc kit pm in game plz when u on
Contacted in-game
About to transfer to frostmourne just wonder if you have any jc kit available.
I do have JC kits available
Would like to buy engi kit.
do u do mining kits? and how much? pm in game plz
Any alchemy kits available?

And mining is the easiest thing to level in the world, i would imagine farming enough ore to make 1-525 attainable solely through smelting would be expensive/time consuming to say the least. Heck i even think its not possible at all to do it all via smelting - could be wrong! There are some quality maps up on various fan sites that enable you to farm the actual node-sites so that you can level up quickly thru the act of mining rather than smelting.
Bumps for Insanityx!

This guy is super professional and makes levelling professions an absolute breeze <3

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