[Horde] Tank with DPS OS LFG H-DS (397/393eq)

397/393 equipped tank/dps
3/8H killed
general understanding of most heroic fights and wow mechanics in general

Missed my guild run this week looking for awesomeness to pug/fill spot in guild run (provided loot rules are fair)

RealID/E-Mail - Please send me an e-mail, I'll get it while I'm at work.
the.overkill AT gmail DOT com

Th - 10:30PM+ ST
Fr - 9AM-12PM ST, 10:30PM+ ST
Sa - 8AM-11AM ST, 8:30PM+ ST
Rest of week not yet known.

Hysteria is currently recruiting to go 25M!
We were 5/8HM Prenerf before splitting up and taking a short break from the game.
A few of us came back after about 2 months, transferred to blackrock and now we are
ready to push progression harder than ever! We are currently 3/8HM With our reformed 10M
group and expect to push 6/8H within the coming months in our 25M Core.

We are currently in need of 6 DPS to fill the core.
3 -4 RDPS
2 -3 MDPS

We are highly interested in 2 Warlocks (Any Spec), 1 Shadow Priest, 2 Warrior DPS and 1 Misc DPS spec/class. We are looking for raiders that have a minimum of 3/8H Exp and 390

We raid Tuesday and Thursday 6-10PM Server w/ the possibility of adding Wednesday or Sunday to our raiding schedule come MoP. As expected by most guilds, We ask that our raiders/trials be on 15 minutes before the scheduled raid time.

If your interested in a trial spot for our 25M Core please apply on our site.
HysteriaBR.Guildlaunch.com or Contact me via In-Game mail for more info.

(See our recruitment thread here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5573706916?page=1#0 )

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