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I've been playing for about 7 years and been in several guilds as have the rest of our core. We came from servers and guilds we hated. Some of us had quit for the last half year and mentioned how great it would have been to have a guild where if you messed up once you weren't told to go hang yourself, how much fun it was back in the day to progress AND have fun and not have to choose one or the other. That's when we decided for Burrwall that she would raid lead and we'd make a guild.

That's how we were born. A little about TC is that we plan to be casual until MoP and switch into overdrive. Currently we're pretty lax, looking at 1-2 nights a week for raiding in the evenings and as of yet it's looking like 7-11 pm or so. We currently require 1 tank, possibly 1 healer, and several good dps. We don't require any kind of gear level, experience, or that it's a main. If you need help, we can help you get to where we need you. As long as you listen well and can be relied on, we'd love to have you join us.

As for the future, in MoP we plan to be more hardcore. There will be leveling groups with a mission to get 90 asap for raids.

Our mission is to play and have fun. We don't want our or your experience ruined with inexcusable verbal abuse. If someone gets onto you it's constructive. :) So that said, we haven't had the man power to do jack !@#$ yet besides heroics and lfr. If you want heroic DS right now, look else where. If you're cool with starting off from scratch with us, welcome aboard. And don't forget.. never look the crazies directly in the eye. Come talk to me, Burrwall, or Heilen if you're interested in your new home being Team Carry. Anyone's welcome, even if you don't want to raid right now.
if u have any questions and none of us are online just shoot us a email @ Tcguild12@gmail.com or ingame mail.
as said if u have any questions about about guild or what our plans are just hit us up and we'd love to talk with you .. we have muffins!
i dont think we say "peeps" anymore...

even tho you were trolling.. thanks for the bump lol.... @duckets
what is this "trolling" you speak of? im alliance...we dont like trolls here..

haha.. touche sir..! lol bump
Trolls are amazing when you just can't reach that one spot.
we be recruiting anyone mon!
hoorahhh tc on top of thread.. discuss!
duck isnt a troll, im pretty sure he has more than 2 toes...and wears shoes
now have a FB page and website


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