[A] Earth and Wind Stay Classy Competition

Starting Saturday June 30th, the Earth and Wind Stay Classy Competition will begin, with the ultimate goal of earning the guild the Stay Classy Achievement (which opens our 8th bank tab).

Multiple prizes will be awarded, including a Rare Mount and a Rare Vanity Pet from the blizzard store. All participants will receive sufficient gold to buy a Renowned Guild Tabard once they are level 20 and, upon reaching level 85, a weapon enchant of their choice. The rules are as follows:

  • All entrants must be created on or after the start date of the competition - Participants must take and submit a screenshot showing the date the character was created (character screen and calendar open at same time works)
  • All characters entered into the competition must have a name which includes either the word Earth or Wind (i.e. Windwalker, Earthmover,...)
  • Only heirloom gear that does not provide an xp bonus will be allowed in order to create an even playing field for all participants (random armory samplings will be taken of participants)
  • Only characters meeting the race/class combinations required by the guild will be accepted. Available combos and detailed rules can be viewed at http://earth-wind.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1151456#forum_post_.
  • Those who do not yet belong to the guild can apply on the guild website using their requested toon name, race and class. You will be contacted by an officer to confirm your selection is still open.

To learn more about the guild go to earth-wind.shivtr.com.
starts in two hours!

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