Heroic 25M Lich King, Sat 6pm server!

Aerie Peak
Wayward Enforcers will be using a Heroic 25M ICC locked out up to Lich King tonight-- we're looking for anybody interested to come help out, previous experience preferred on at least normal (10 or 25). We will not be running with less than 20 people, and will only accept level 85s.

Please send me a whisper in game (Baptism) if you're interested, I will start forming at approximately 5:30pm server.

There will be nothing on reserve, open rolls for mount and any loot.
Thanks everybody who ended up coming last night! After the obligatory random people afking, those refusing to join vent/not follow directions, or leaving after 1-2 wipes, we managed to get him down!

It really is a fun fight if you can get a group of people together that is willing to listen.

Tip for those doing this in the future: IGNORE THE VALKS! If you have 20 or so people, sacrificing three people is undoubtedly the best way to go so you can maintain DPS on the lich king. If your DPS is only halfway decent, you'll push him into phase transition (40%) before a second set of Valks can come out. It also raises peoples awareness of Defile.
^ I personally used the ignore the Valks strat myself when i was doing gearing my Usha in her white priest set ... it really trivialized the fight and makes H-LK easy =)

Also hope you popped Hero/Timewarp in P1 because there's always that 1% who is slow and gets hit by a shadow trap.

*11 ranged, 6 meele, 6 healers, 2 tanks is a general good rule of thumb to stack your raid to zerg H-LK. You can go more or less but 11 ranged made H-LK super zergable.

*Good luck on Open Raid!

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