good gold making profession for a priest

Im working on a priest atm and was trying to think of a good profession. I want to do something that can get me gold while leveling it. I have done tailoring/enchanting before and might just do that but it was difficult to gain a profit from that pair. Thought about doing herb/inscription but didn't know if was worth leveling when compared to tailoring/enchanting. Any suggestions?
I dont' think there are any crafting professions that make gold while leveling. I think every gathering profession does on the other hand.

You could always go herb and alchemy if you really wanted to level a crafting profession from the start. You'll gather far more herbs than it takes to skill up alchemy and you can sell whatever is left over.

Inscription has a shot of making a very low amount of gold since you can start making marketable glyphs at fairly low skill levels. The issue is that they are the "easy" ones to make since every scribe can make them and most people by now have already learned all they glyphs they need. But if you happen to run into a newly rolled alt, etc. you may be able to find someone to buy them from you for a gold or two - nothing to bank on though.
Forget about it level to 85 you'll have about 7k at the end of it all then focus on professions
Typical recommendation is to level with two gathering professions. They cost nothing to level, you sell everything on the AH, and herbalism / mining will also provide leveling experience.
im level 50 and i regret doing anything with professions. it takes too much time. dont bother. money is NOT an issue at this level. just get money from guildies for things you need then when youre 85 professions become worthit.
Enchanting and Tailoring are most common. Cloths are always needed. Enchants as well. But if you want other gold making tips and pricing and farming locations visit this free site. I use it and I am making bank bc of the information.

Disagree. Enchanting and Jewelcrafting are the most common, followed by Jewelcrafting and least at the level cap. However, tailoring and enchanting will be a major PITA to level as you level your priest unless you have wealthy alts to support your cloth and enchanting mat habits, especially with the current leveling speeds and lack of individuals farming Outlands and Northrend.
the question is do you want to level quickly and without many delays or do you want to get frustrated and spend all your gold when you hit a rough patch in crafting

i started this toon as a tailor and enchanter as an alt but my "main" was only a 40-something druid-- there were rough patches for silk when i did not have a toon who could farm it efficiently and the ah prices were too much for me to afford

there were rough patches in enchanting where i spent more time out of the world.... or warcraft and on enchanting threads figuring out the best way to do things

and the best way was....

get to 85 as an herber/miner - one of the better decisions i have made in this game
(btw- my tailoring and enchanting were fairly decent as well-- outland levelish)

you will "make" gold as an herber/miner or, as jozie points out, you will not lose money
(there will be times when you have to dump mats for lack of inventory space for pretty low sums but it is still "profit")
You want easy? Pick alchy or a gathering profession. The former has all kinds of transmute that make gold, and the latter can be big gold winners at the start of an expansion. There is no question that JC and enchanting are the big bread winners. Blacksmithing is great, but less so for a priest.

Tailoring has lightweave. It's a great perk. However, bags are about the only thing that sell well, and there is usually lots of competition with them. Some transmog sells OK. PvP gear is hit or miss, mostly miss this late in the expac, but it did very well early on. Tailoring goes well when leveling enchanting as you can DE a lot of cheap stuff early on. I make bank on tailoring as a side profession to produce illusion dust.

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