[A] <Xcellence> Recruiting for MOP

Hello Everyone.

<Xcellence> are currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. We are currently recruiting all classes for raiding in the new expansion.

We will be running a 25 man team as well as a 10 man team.

Due our recent move from another server our numbers have thinned out so we are looking for mature, experienced and skilled raiders to fill up our teams.

We also run RBG teams and will continue to do so in the new expansion, so if PVP is more your flavor we would love to bring you aboard as well.

Please contact me on server via Chibi my druid or feel free to head over to our website to apply http://xcellence.guildomatic.com/

Thanks :)
Hello Everyone, Still currently seeking all classes, please get into contact with me in-game if you are interested as we are trying to fill spots in our core 25, 10 and RBGs teams.

Just updating,

We are still looking for fresh faces to fill out our core teams as advertised above.

We need all classes still for various 10s and 25m teams in guild.

If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere come MOP please don't hesitate in joining us, send me an in game tell for further information.

Welcome to frostmourne!
Hey sorry for just copying this over from my own advert, but if you guys think you could use me :)

Hey everyone, I am an ex hardcore raider, now a skilled casual who has been playing a holy priest in wow since vanilla looking for a relatively solid group to try to clear H ds and continue in mop. I can raid most thu/mon nights. Always bother to research fights and enjoy solid progression with friendly groups.

I'm really looking for mature people who aren't abusively ragetastically serious raiders but still challenge their team to push progression and push the group, making sure to not let any members slack off too much :P. It's hard for me to stay with some core groups as I can't make wednesdays for the easy loot bosses and then am too undergeared for progression :( but would love to become a permanent fixture in someone's alt raids or a core group that runs thu/mon between 7pm to 12am ST.

I am geared/skilled as a holy priest, average geared/skilled shadow priest, I have a strong knowledge of all the classes as I have many 85's and love achievement hunting. Let me know if anyone might have a place for me :).
Hey Furious, We definitely have a need for another healer. Just send me a whisper in game or an in game mail on how to get in touch with you and we can have a little chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)
Currently seeking some more DPSers to fill core spots in are various teams for MOP. We will have multiple teams running at different times so please don't hesitate to contact me in game if you think we may have a time suitable for you.

Thanks guys!
Hello Everyone,

We are still seeking a highly skilled PVPer to lead RBGs for MOP.

We are also sill looking for DPSers to fill core spots in our 25 and 10 man teams. Please contact me in-game if you are interested or need more info.
Hi there :)

may i know what time is your raid time?
me and one tank friend just moved to this realm after a long hiatus (since fireland)
we also got 2 freshly recruited friend, looking for a fun yet progressing guild

please keep me updated :)
since we'll be hiting 85 soon
and will try gearing up asap
We have a 25 man running on sat/sunday noon still looking for people.
We have a 10m on Fri/Sat nights 730-1030 still looking for some DPS.
We have a 10m on Thurs/Fri nights 8-11pm looking for more.
We have a 25 man we are also trying to get together during the week provided we can come up with the extra numbers :)

If interested let me know in game.
Thanks for reply :)

to bad due to timezone differentiation we cant join the raid :(
Hello Everyone,

We are still looking for more gifted raiders to join our teams for MOP.

10m 730-1030 ST Fri/Sat team looking for a Hunter, and a Lock or Boomkin.
10m 830-1100 ST Thurs/Fri team looking for Tank, Heals and DPS.
25m Noon ST Sat/Sund team looking for DPSers.

If any of these teams suit you please apply or get into contact with me in game. Thanks.

We are still looking for raiders for core spots in out MOP teams:

10m 730-1030 ST Fri/Sat team looking for a Hunter, and a Lock or Ele Shaman.
25m Noon ST Sat/Sund team looking for DPSers, full on Shaman and Hunters.

If any of these teams suit you please apply or get into contact with me in game. Thanks.
What is attendance policy?
Bump is in order.

We are looking for a core raider for the following spot.

Friday and Saturday Nights 730 ST - 1030 ST.

1x Elemental Shaman or 1x Hunter.

Please whisper me or any officer in Xcellence to get in touch.

08/13/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Irmi
What is attendance policy?

We ask people to be as reliable as possible with the exception of real life issues that may pop up from time to time.
Currently in need of MDPS a DK or Rogue preffered for our 10m team.

Raiding from 815ST-1130pm

Please contact me in game asap.
Updated, Thanks guys.
<Xcellence> Is looking for 1 Strong MT, prefer if it is not a Warrior. For 10m raid team that raids Fri/Sat Nights 815-1130 Server.

Please apply at xcellence.guildomatic.com or whisper me in game.

We are also looking for exceptional ranged DPS for the weekend 25m group.

Xcellence 6/6 MV is currently seeking a SHADOW PRIEST or WARLOCK for its FRI/SAT night raid team. 815-1130 ST.

Any exceptional player is encouraged to apply on our website or contact me directly in game.

Thank you.

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