what musical instrument do you play?

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ok me first.
Instrument: I play electric bass guitar.
Genre: Rock,Hard-Rock,Trashmetal
piano, violin, viola, drums baritone horn, and I'm currently learning to play bass guitar
Piano mostly, I use to play the clarinet and still play the violin sometimes.
violin and viola. want to learn cello and piano though.
I play electric guitar... terribly.
<<< Vocalist.

It's a freakin' instrument, yo!
Guitar (Acoustic and Electric, prefer acoustic) and vocals (if that counts)

Genre: Indie (Don't judge me D:)
Piano, guitar and trumpet.
Thrash metal*

But I play electric guitar. I have a Jackson King V
Started with the Clarinet, went to the Flute, and now at the Tenor Saxophone.
My favourite was definitely the Saxophone.
I wouldn't mind learning the Violin though...
Drums, guitar, bass, piano, violin, and trumpet.
Guitar (love my Ibanez).

Play rock and metal.
trombone ;_;
I play Bass myself, and i play Metal, any kind of Metal, Real Metal. 8)
nothing. :(

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