[A] <Outlâwz> 10M MOP Recruitment *Updated*

Guild: <Outlâwz>
Guild Website: http://0utlawz.enjin.com/
Communication: Mumble
Focus: Mist of Pandaria
Current Progression:

<Outlâwz> is a newly formed guild with leaders that have experience dating back to vanilla. The core 10 came from a guild that was falling apart and decided to establish a home for themselves. We pride ourselves on remaining competitive in progression while maintaining a casual raiding schedule.

We are looking for dedicated players to strengthen our roster for groups 1, and 2 to move forward into MOP to achieve high ranking. We are also looking for STRONG pvprs to help start and build a foundation for our guild to be competitive along side our pve. Socials and Casuals are also welcome.

<Outlâwz> Current Class Recruit Status:
Mage: <HIGH>
Druid: Heals, Dps <HIGH>
Warlock: <HIGH>
Death Knight: Tank <HIGH>

<Outlâwz> Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 8:15pm-11:30pm (server)
Thursday: 8:15pm-11:30pm (server)
Sunday: 7:30pm-10:30pm (server) Clean Up if needed.

MUST be able to attend 85% of our main raids.
Must have a thorough knowledge of your class.
Must have the correct gems/enchants/reforge/spec are a must.
Being prepared for every raid. We will provide Cauldrons, Feast, and Repairs
And last, a competitive drive to be one of the best guilds on the server.

Apply to <Outlâwz>
Application and instructions can be found at http://0utlawz.enjin.com/recruitment

For any questions, feel free to contact Cylow, Tanktop, Furydecimal, or Pharo in game.

Cy o.O
Classy, Aekalah. Why not just let them recruit?
To answer your tard question. We are a NEWLY formed guild (which is stated above) that consist of raiders that took time off and came back to a guild that fell apart. So we decided to form our own to finish out Cata and move into MOP.
/Bump for cake and ice-cream!
Interested in talking to you Cylow, hope to find you online one night.
*Recruitment Updated*
just letting you know, the title of your thread is spelt wrong, I figured someone should point it out!

Free bump for a legit guild trying to make a start!
Thx Mariilna. Not sure what happened there ;-)

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