Looking for someone to make an intro..

I need someone to create me an intro for my YouTube channel that is currently on the rise, or will be soon! Nothing too lengthy. The one I have now, I believe, is too long just to see a short video. An intro like Bajheera has, short and sweet.. to the point warrior pwnage.
Please let me know if anyone out there can help me on this. I'd pay real monies if your work is sufficient enough.

Oh, Bajheera <3.

If my macbook was still up and operational, I would totally have totally taken you up on this :(
You didnt really give sufficient info for some of this, what do you want it to say? like have letters spin around and then appear and say "Barnesdrb" or some other thing like if you get partnered with someone do you want it to say for ex. "Intents Camping Productions" (Someone WingsofRedemption is partnered to)
If you check Bahjeera's intro, something like that. Really short and sweet. That would be sufficient. I mainly put WoW on the channel, sometimes I'll throw in a league of legends vid, but mainly wow. And my warrior is my main. We could get together and take clips. The "company" is called Barnesdrb Gaming, and my warrior is called Rajax..
I couldn't view the video you sent me, it said it was private.
Oh, let me change that real quick. lol.

Will try to throw something together for you
Well then, I figured you wanted simpler then that. Will get another one up closer to that of what Bajheera has.
That'd be so great man.. you have no idea how much I'd appreciate it. Just let me know.
Also it may help if we can get together on skype so I can give you a better rundown. If you want, just add me barnesdrb
I'm usually on.
I sent you a skype request, not sure if you got it or not.

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