[H] Pony's Weekly DS20 Farm

Fridays at 8:00pm server there will be a DS Speed Farm Run.

When: Fridays@8:00pm (pull @8:30pm)
Contacts: Lovepony, Darkpony, or Warpony

Gist: Speed Farm Raid for experienced and sufficiently geared players, leaders and raiders alike, with a performance based loot qualification system to prevent carried individuals from receiving loot.

- iLevel 390.
- 8/8 n achievement (LFR does not count).

Raid Paritculars:
- NO Breaks
- NO Buying/Selling items.
- NO Advertising or Recruiting.
- All content chain-pulled (as allowed).
- Die on trash, run back.
- Die on a boss, get ressed.

Loot Distribution Details:
- Loot system is MPQ (Minimum Performance Qualification - detailed below).
- Loot Hostage - loot is split at the end of the raid.
- Loot is uncontested per roll bracket - MS (Main Spec) and OS (Off Spec)
- Tier Tokens are not considered separate, they are still a MS or OS.
- Loot is rolled for in order of boss kills to coincide with loot timers, starting with Tier Tokens.
- Only returning members who attended the previous raid and also meet the MPQ requirements to do so, may roll on Tier Tokens at all - Please note this naturally does not apply on the very first raid transpiring July 9, 2012.

MPQ Performance Qualification Particulars Summary:
DPS (all numbers are for total sustained dps for entire run)
- 25k or higher to roll on Tier during MS Roll bracket
- 20k or higher to roll on non-tier during the MS Roll bracket
- 15k or higher to roll during OS Roll bracket
- *All dps must out total-damage the MT.
- within 8% total healing+absorbs of the top healer for entire raid to roll on Tier during MS Roll bracket
- within 10% .... during MS Roll bracket.
- within 15% .... during OS Roll bracket.
- Must meet below qualifications on gearing and performance.

Raid Behavior Guidelines:
- Use a professional demeanor or do not attend.
- Do not engage in annoying behaviors of any kind.
- Do not advertise (goods/services/recruitment).
- Do not spam or be spammy.
- I reserve the right to abstain anyone at any time from loot based on their lack of performance, or for continually engaging in nonproductive/douche behavior.

About The Event:
- Knowledge and compliance of the rules and requirements presented here are absolutely required to attend the event.
- This is NOT your usual PUG Raid.
- This is NOT a raid to learn content.
- This IS a farm raid for those very familiar with the content.
- Any character, or spec, you wish to come as must meet the same gear, knowledge, and performance requirements as everyone else.
- Raiders are required to monitor their own performances during the raid to ensure they will meet loot qualifications at loot split. It is at my discretion to keep them in the raid or not for the benefit of valor points or boss kills.
- Raiders who come and play will with a good attitude, and wish to attend the next week's raid, will receive priority on invite status - reflected by a calendar event sign-up.
- Any raider indicating a positive attendance at an upcoming raid and then do not attend without notice, are dropped from the calendar invite for the next coming week.

Raid Experience Breakdown:
- The raid is filled with 25, with about 5 backups either in Group 8 or out of raid waiting to come in and replace anyone I need to remove from the raid for whatever reason - be it performance issues or non-compliance with the rules.
- Announce the rules and current MPQ requirements summary to be eligble to roll on loot.
- Then announce mandatory compliance with the rules listed in this thread and the announced rules/MPQ summary.
- We perform a ready check to confirm compliance.
- First trash pull is made with all content being chainpulled or within 30 secs of the previous pull do to spacing/flight issues.
- All normal loot, including BoE's, is masterlooted to the raid leader and held til end of raid.
- Quest item loot, treated as a MS up only in terms of eligibility, are rolled for after each boss while the next trash is being pulled between any MPQ and Quest-eligible individuals.
- After the final boss is downed, performance qualifications for all raiders are confirmed thru a brief joint meeting (a tank, a healer, a ranged dps logs are all reviewed), and then RL's log posted to confirm qualifications, with the RL announcing any loot qualificaiton particulars based off individuals performances. Recount and Skada are both employed for accuracy.
- Loot is then split in order order of kills with any Tier tokens for each respective boss being diced first. So it goes, Tier rolls, then MS rolls, and then OS rolls.
- If no one rolls on an item during MS rolls, it goes to OS rolls - this is how individuals who did not qualify to roll on an item during MS rolls but did for OS rolls, despite it being a MS up for them, can still win a MS up - they simply compete with other individuals during the OS roll period.
- Depending on the loot split, BoE's are then distributed as the RL's discretion, which based on previous raids usually ends up with all individuals who qualified to roll on MS rolls but did not win a roll, now rolling for one BoE after another with individuals winning something being eliminated from subsequent BoE rolls that night.
- A calendar invite is then created with all individuals who qualified for MS rolls being added to the invite.

Alts, Toon Swapping, and Attendance Clarifications:
- You can bring another toon to my run if you wish, but that toon is subject to the exact same performance requirements as your other toon. This means, if you want to bring some undergeared toon in that plays like !@#, I'm gonna remove you from the raid for being dead weight, which is against my No-Dead-Weight policy.
- In addition, if I kick you from my raid for being dead weight, you don't count as being there in terms of the "attended the week before" policy to roll on Tier Tokens. If you're going to waist my time, and 23 other peoples time in bringing some crappy alt, well you're going to pay for it.
- If someone wants to bring a different toon that DOES meet the performance requirements sufficiently, as in another well geared and well played toon, then that's fine and as long as you do meet the performance requirements. If they don't end up getting removed from the raid, then yes your "attended the week before" still applies. You as a person were here. You were here contributing and pulling your fair share. Toon isn't as important to me, as long as they are performing per the requirements.
- And lastly, if you bring a different toon it is there for the whole run. No toon swapping for specific bosses. This is obviously to discourage toon hopping, which slows down the farm.

MPQ and Loot System Overview:

I use uncontested MPQ loot distribution system (Minimum Performance Qualification) and always announce the particulars in abridged version before first pull when raid is full, so that it is part of the WoW master log file and GM enforceable. (Means you can report me to a GM if I break my word). MPQ has been a resounding success elsewhere. It is designed so that loot never goes to individuals who are playing extremely bad, attempting to be carried, or half-assing it. Everyone gives 100% quality performance for 100% of the raid. I count everything, which helps the numbers average better and ensures a quicker, faster, and more productive "farm" run.

Basically, you know how in LFR you see dead weight crap players winning upgrades simply because they rolled high and were in the raid? MPQ completely prevents this. You have to perform at a standard acceptable level to be eligible to roll, and the eligibility is done in a stair-stepped, or tiered, way so that it isn't simply pass or fail.

The system isn't an elitist design or intent, but instead is designed to discourage bad play and encourage strong play. They basically start at the minimum required level to down the content and go up from there. So instead of penalizing exceptional performances and participation, it rewards it. It is about inspiring greater levels of play, and based on experience, it does that.

MPQ and Loot System Specifics:
- Because everything counts, and we are effectively always in combat, the numbers average out very nicely. Trash gives both healers and DPS chances to balance out a bad performance by helping burn through trash quicker, and thus speeding up the farm.

- Healer Qualifications are within 8% total healing+absorbs of the top healer for rolls on Tier, within 10% for MS rolls, and within 15% total heals+absorbs for OS rolls. (I use Disc Priest friendly meters, do not worry.)

- DPS Qualifications are 25k sustained for entire run on Tier Tokens, 20k for MS, and 15k sustained to roll during OS calls.

- Tank Qualifications are the strictest of all in the sense that they are primarily monitored via performance. Statistics wise, +190k unbuffed health min without stam stacking, and able to produce acceptable threat to maintain aggro and snap aggro. Mitigation wise, Warrior/Paladins +98% CTC, DK's +34% CTC.
They must be at all times on the ball, ready to catch any stray adds, able maintain healthy aoe threat when necessary, taunt properly when instructed to in boss aggro rotation, and respond quickly and decisively to my calls on the fly. Over-zealousness is not tolerated, professionalism is. No taunt-happy watch me tank everything nitwits. Do your part and do it damn well. Period.

- BoE's are subject to my discretion depending on how the loot has been going. (That means I could put it up for a mass roll between all who didn't win anything, normally, or reserve it until the following week for the next loot pot, or wutever I want. For the record, I've never kept a BoE and AH'd it while leading these weekly raids.)

- Essence of Destruction are all auto-claimed by the RL to be AH'd to provide funds for the purchase of materials for the raid.

- As the Raid Leader, Raid Organizer, and Raid Recruiter, I always get one roll a night for my efforts regardless of what has dropped. For the record, I won the roll on 2 DBW's during the ICC days, and I never kept either. I simply let it go to who won the roll under me, because in both cases each person had performed very well and was of an appropriate class/spec. (I like rewarding people who return each week on time and tear it up).

Important Note:
What you do with your loot after I call the raid and disband it is entirely up to you, but I do not want to hear about it ever. If you want to sell it to someone else that was there, don't let me find out, and don't you dare do it while in my raid. Anyone caught attempting to use my raid chat to auction off their winnings, sell items, or generally use it like their own private trade channel will be permanently blacklisted from all my raids. This is not a joke. Do not attempt to kid around and do a mock one in raid to get a rise out of me.
You may want to lower your tank requirement just a hair. Unless a tank is pretty much finished with normal DS and starting heroic DS, they're still going to be under 200k unbuffed for a shield tank. Not sure about bear or DK, but I assume they'll be around 180-190k as well like a normal DS geared pally would be.

191k, with 99.31% CTC, for a prot pally with normal DS gear: http://chardev.org/profile/404803-Shirk.html
You may want to lower your tank requirement just a hair. Unless a tank is pretty much finished with normal DS and starting heroic DS, they're still going to be under 200k unbuffed for a shield tank. Not sure about bear or DK, but I assume they'll be around 180-190k as well like a normal DS geared pally would be.

191k, with 99.31% CTC, for a prot pally with normal DS gear: http://chardev.org/profile/404803-Shirk.html

Ahhh thank you very much for the catch Kaitelynn, much appreciated. Accidentally had fort/mark buffs up on the tank I was referencing.
Starts THIS Monday!
This would be effing fantastic for my alts if the raid didn't take place so damn late

Oh well
The schedule is currently under review. It's going to start earlier, I'm working on times atm, and it might also change days.
This week the run will be transpiring at 8:30pm on Sunday, with invites starting about an hour before start time to allow time to review interested parties.
Updates about this raid:

- Although raiding on Sunday this passed week worked out well, the raid is now moving to a more permanent schedule on Friday nights. (see original post for specifics)
- After this week, the nature of the 30% nerf and the quality of raiders I was able to acquire, the raid is now a 20man farm.

Facts about this raid:

- Only 3 people (1 was me) actually walked out without an upgrade of some sort.
- No one got ninja'd despite me splitting loot at the end via 'Loot Hostage'.
- We still had 32 mins on the first boss loot timers after the last boss was finally downed.
- DPS spread was from 25.7k to 38.4k.
- Healing spread was 16.8% to 22.4%.
- Aka, no one was exempted for anything.
- Honestly don't remember a single complaint, but instead remember seeing a lot of positive comments about the raid.

- Before first pull when I announced the raid rules, including loot, 3 people opted out citing they thought I'd 'ninja' the loot because I was holding it until the end. Despite other people, both guildies and pugs, agreeing with the system since it kept people there, they left anyways. To these people and those who think like this, I'd like to bring something to your attention:

It doesn't matter what you think of me or what you believe, what matters is what is a ToS violation and is enforceable or not. By stating my loot rules in /raid, it is part of the wow master log file. A simple /time, when I do this allows you to inform a GM of the time I stated my loot rules, and then the time of the actual split. By providing my name and these times a GM can quickly review the wow log file, and the raid ID, and see exactly what I did. If I don't keep my word, it is considered a Scam and therefor a ToS violation.

That's how you report real ninja's. That's how YOU protect yourself in PUG raids. So if you join some pug, and the RL doesn't use /raid to tel you the rules, but uses vent instead, or some voice chat software, guess what? YOU'RE S.O.L. because Blizz can't use vent, only the wow master log file. They need it in text.

Look it up yourself and ask a GM. I fully encourage anyone to do so.

I always state my loot rules before the first piece of trash is even pulled, and always in /raid.

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