Any of the Garrosh Originals still around?

Such a shame so many people left so sad.
The server just isn't what it used to be, unfortunately.
Hi Droth,

You might remember me as Silhouette of <Contempt>
This server was always bad but at least it used to be fun. I came back and a friend told me Garrosh was put on "New Player" status for awhile. At that moment I knew it was time to look for a new home. =(
been here since day one of the server opening.
I came to Garrosh close to when the server was created with <B B B> during the Medivh horde exodus. It seems WoW in general isn't meant to foster and further gratify the same types of players, groups of players, and playing styles as it once was and did, which in my opinion drastically decreases the chances for servers like this one to thrive today. I very much doubt that will change, but I'm still hoping that MoP will breathe some more life into this lil ol' dyin' server, at least for a little while.
Hi Droth,

You might remember me as Silhouette of <Contempt>

I do remember you. =P
Wow, Droth. There is a friendly face I have not seen in years.
<3 to Deidris, Droth, Mity, DanRather, Habbs, AvalonIce, Ezul, Persei, Anonymous, Ragnarok, <Lions Den>, <BBB>, <Contempt> (except for that Sol punk@$$ who thought he could be a Glad Ret j/k I <3 u2, Sol), <All Together Now>, <Tactical Alliance>, <Legion of Accordance>, and anyone else I didn't have time to mention here that put in something positive to Garrosh.

I came in here on Day 3 of Garrosh opening, found some good people to play with, and I started having fun without waiting for Zul'Jin or DragonBlight 100+ login queue's. As time went on, I personally got to know the people behind the toons that they played, and had fun playing and socializing with people, whether casual or hard core. I learned a lot, both in-game and out, and some of the skills that I acquired in RL were sharpened on this server, and has helped me with my business ventures.

There were people who had a "We don't quit!" attitude, who could take a wipe as a learning experience, blame no one, and come back and win. From a PuG FireFighter10 when it was progression, to FTA's where we had Horde spies infiltrate our vent/raids, yet we still defeated all of their bosses because people refused to quit after 2+ wipes, that mentality of "We don't quit!" made me proud to be on Garrosh. Sadly, as time went on, RL schedules for everyone changed, ans as good people transferred off and spoiled brats transferred in, the Golden Age of Garrosh came to an end.

I still have an affinity for this server, the people that I used to play with, and the shared memories that were experienced. While I do not believe I will be participating in MoP, I will come harass most of you from time to time when schedule permits.

I wish you all well. Be good to each other.
Man, bunch of old fogies in this thread. Feel like I should be posting from a totem twisting enhance shaman.
Wait, when did they stop totem-twisting?
08/24/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Firebaugh
Wow, Droth. There is a friendly face I have not seen in years.

Heh, years!

That makes me feel old!

Been a long time since I was here managing progression threads. =P

I definitely miss the money runs!

I definitely miss the money runs!

I miss his sexy demon voice impression. =(

At least if I remember correctly that was Oden!
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I've been around since garosh was created, im one of the 1st dks created and i played on a rp realm in bc, i played on my bros account in vanilla i think that was the version then becuase graphics were bad too then lol!!!
Whats with this pve talk. garrosh is a pvp server now havent u heard?
been here since day one , but the server isn't the same anymore , it used to be more fun . The community was much better , but oh well lets see what 5.4 brings ...more trolls ? :P
Oden I feel like a scumbag just reading this 2 years later
Bargon#1 !!!)

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