[H] Rogue WTB DS raid spot for gems (300k+)

I'm on stage 2 of the Legendary Daggers quest, need to collect 333x Shadowy Gems, and looking for a weekly raiding group/guild who will sell me a spot and let me loot the gems over the next few weeks. I have a full 384 LFR PvE raid set (currently logged out in PvP gear) gemmed and properly enchanted and know the boss fights, would not be dead weight in a raid.

Paying extremely well (~300k+, negotiable), looking to negotiate prices on completing at least the next step (397-->406 epics) if not all the way to legendary daggers. Only issue is my timing kinda sucks for raid availabilities, can really only do weekend evenings (Sun preferred).

Please reply here, whisper or mail in game. Thanks

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