AUSTRALIAN SERVERS massage to blizzard.

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07/06/2012 04:51 AMPosted by Bazzkal
They are closing the Australian servers and merging them with some other country because they don't get played enough and are not worth it. They are moving the servers to other countrys that have the high amount of players to actually make it worth it.

Do you have a source for that claim? I was unable to find even a rumor indicating such.
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06/29/2012 12:38 AMPosted by Guyguyguy
Having 200ms isn't stopping you from playing the game as it's meant to be played.

have you ever tried to play a rogue with 300ms ping.
Good luck even landing ONE ambush combo on a target infront of you.

"Your target is out of range"

Australia has a perfectly respectable competitive server hosting marketplace and by no means is Telstra a monopoly provider, so even if that justification was true in the (distant) past, it's certainly not true now.

Thelootgnome makes a good point in that we may likely have a localised population. Given there are 12 Oceanic designated servers, and one of the most popular realms, Frostmourne, has about 6,500 characters, I would say it's reasonable to expect at least one fully populated local realm, i.e. 1 player in 12 is prepared to transfer to or re-roll on a local server. In addition, sufficient instance or raid servers would also be required.

If we assumed from the 6,500 characters that equated to approximately 1,000 active accounts, then Blizzard would be looking at $15,000 per month. Which sounds attractive, until you start to question why there has always been such resistance to implement this in the past.

Not knowing how Blizzard's server architecture works, I'd hazard that many of their services would work perfectly well even with the realm and instance servers being locally hosted, but with the remainder of the services being provided out of the US. Services like DNS, identity and access management / directory services, patch distribution servers, promoting code into production and build pipelines and so forth.

However there may still be aspects of their architecture that simply would not currently work over a long distance, for instance connectivity to dedicated storage tuned to WoW's performance requirements, accessing a database cluster over a long distance, intrusion detection or high availability. Sadly the last is probably not a real concern, as we all know from the infamous "World server is down" errors that the realms themselves don't have a fail-over or high availability solution, which can also be problematic over a large geographic separation if this was not an original design characteristic.

Can these problems be solved? Of course they can. But making infrastructure changes of this order is not trivial, nor would be the requirement to duplicate much of the physical infrastructure to support a few local servers to support a new realm and instances. Just thinking through the services architecture work above, my mental cash register easily got into the $1.5M or more price range. Rickman summed it up best that Blizzard has likely resigned themselves to simply not bothering with WoW at this stage of its antiquity, and given its age the WoW architecture almost certainly has many legacy characteristics that make it fragile and difficult to substantially change.

Would there still be hope for Titan? It would depend how much their architecture is a clean sheet design versus re-using their existing services. Needless to say I share the same frustration as all the other Australian subscribers, and in this day and age to lose an entire Tuesday evening most weeks seems a very cavalier treatment of us as valid, loyal, paying customers.
Jesus Christ buddy, where did you learn to spell. If your going to rant make sure you can post sentences that don't need to be deciphered. This topic has been done to death.

Not to mention your really making us look like a bunch of brainless uneducated morons. Please do a better job next time.

Harsh - YES, but if the shoe fits.....!

you used the wrong one.. You're* Morons* maybe? idk.
Internode has been pushing this for a long time, their answer was basically that Blizzard has such high infrastructure requirements that it is just not economical. They do not want to go down the path of server virtualisation to reduce costs because of their strict policy. It is just not economically viable to meet their requirements for such a small subscriber base. We are not talking a few racks in a server room to accomodate an Aussie hosted solution, but whole rooms in a datacentre.
It should also be pointed out that they are not ignoring us, it is a topic that is discussed on a regular basis at Blizzard. Theres just no business case yet.
I do not understand why Blizzard couldn't do this for Australians. People say that complaining about 250-300ms (going off what I play on) is trivial and we shouldn't QQ about it - it's still playable.

Sure, I can play WoW on the latency I have, and I do, but why the hell is it acceptable that Jim from Australia has to pay the same amount as Bob from USA to get a lesser game experience. I'm sick to death of running around Battlegrounds on my rogue spamming ambush with nothing but an error message "Target too far away", when I'm right on the guy's !@#. Yet, I still pay the $15 a month? Hmm.

From what I've read on past threads and from other sites around the place - Blizzard tried several years ago to make this happen - but Telstra charged ridiculous amounts, however things have changed and Telstra are not the only ISP around now, there is competition in which Blizzard could negotiate and get themselves a better deal, either with Telstra or with another company.

Also, I know that building infrastructure and organising all of this would be expensive. Don't get me wrong, but I for one have 10 characters (one of each class) either at or just below level cap which I would be transferring over to the Australian server. From me alone, ONE customer, that's $250 right there, not to mention the other 500'000+ subscribers from Australia/New Zealand. I'm not saying that everyone would transfer characters at such an extreme level, but I'm sure most - if not all - of those people would transfer at least one character, which would equate to $12'000'000 just from that.

How much it costs to build a server, I wouldn't have a clue. But Blizzard, enjoy your $12.5 million dollars and please, please give us our servers.

Thanks all.
And this is why half the oceanic based people are over playing swtor with sub 50 ping right now >.<
07/04/2012 07:26 PMPosted by Frostygirls
now way u live in aus with that net

You can have very good internet in Aus but you pay out your !@# for it.

Like Mercader for example, he has over 100 mb download.

Not sure about his upload though.
Greetings,Thanks for getting in touch with us about this. I know it's frustrating when this happens, it's never fun not being able to play the game when you just want to relax.It's always our goal to minimize downtime. If we could keep the game running smoothly without ever taking the game offline we absolutely would. But to support such large servers for so many players this simply isn't possible. Any time we pull them offline we do our best to provide an estimate of how long it will take. It ultimately comes back to the necessity of fixing and maintaining things. If this takes less time than expected, awesome! We'll put the servers up early. But we're also not going to put things up on time just to meet our estimated times.We apologize for any inconvenience, but just know we'll never keep the servers offline longer or shorter than we think is needed to address issues or general maintenance. We'll continue to provide updates on the status, but we can never be 100 percent accurate when the unexpected arises.Regards,Tyler MCustomer ServicesBlizzard

This is the response I recieved from Blizzard in regards to why Oceanic servers are down for so long
Massage to Blizzard

Way to make Australians looks stupid OP
I think an Australasia (covering asia and aus/nz region) server would be a good step, especially if Blizzard wants us to play future games of theirs. I know in Diablo 3 being in Australia seriously effects the chances of playing Hardcore.
What Im confused about is why after 7 years we still have no servers , I mean our player-base is enough ? our economy is good and like Krunkus said why must we pay the same amount as an American with 20ms , Its 2 different games we are playing.
Australian servers please.
I'm not sure why, after all these years, people keep asking for something that just isn't going to happen.
I dont think sending a massage to blizz will get us Australian servers =P
this is a massage to blizzard. We need some Australian bassed servers.

why is it that all australian and Probably New Zealander WOW players have to deal with huge pings (200MS +) when we are paying $15 per month. for a payed service we should be getting servers bassed in our own country with low pings. i think it is a lode of crap that we have to deal with huge pings and not be able to play the game as it is ment to be played. and just so you know its not my internt connection as i have 30MB down and 19MB up.


"based" (again)
Hey, at least you spelled "crap" right.
Did I miss any?

EDIT: Yes I did. "Australian" should be capitalized and "probably" should not.
I would be happy if oceanic servers were to be located in Singapore. ~100ms ping for pretty much entire asia and australia world. Singapore internet bandwidth costs are like the second lowest in the world too.

Its so stupid that i am playing dota 2 for which i have not paid a single dollar and i manage to get 100ms to SEA Server whereas for Wow i have paid 100's of dollars and still am forced to play on west coast servers in America.

Blizzard should be aware how saturated America is as a growth market for WoW. The next frontier is Asia/Australia and the only way they can give a good experience to gamers is host servers here.
I *wish* I had a steady 200ms. I leveled my first toon with an average of 2k ms and since an internet upgrade I now range between 350 and 900ms in raids. But yes, it would be nice to see some Australian based servers - although perhaps there would be a way for Blizzard to actually let us stay queuing with the Oceanic servers for LFR/Dungeons etc? I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult, although guaranteed I get slapped down for not knowing about servers & technical stuff :P

I'd do nasty things for an Australian server *winks* and ~100ms (or the 50ms that people are saying they get on SWTOR) - haha!
Why is all your internet so bad. I live on a farm in rural New Zealand and my ping is steady at 160ms

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