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Hi guys, so I recently bought the higher end model of the macbook pro 13 (June 2012 edition).

I installed WoW on it and to my surprise not only can I not adjust the settings to high (a little caution triangle pops up saying I cant do that) but I also am getting like 20 fps in stormwind on medium settings...

I thought the Intel 4000 would be able to handle WoW better than this. I can play tf2, l4d 2, diablo 3 on high settings....

Am I missing something?

Turn off the Sunshafts completely, put the Liquid Detail to the lowest settings, turn off VSync, and Texture Filtering to 2x. The rest can be on High.
strange....when i boot up MOP I have the option to choose ultra settings...havent tried it out yet because it is still downloading but if I can play Ultra fine on MOP but cant play medium on regular WoW then something is wrong...
Stormtides, could you explain the reason behind why the features you mentioned slow down an MBP so much? I'm particularly eager to understand about VSync and Texture Filtering.
So MOP runs fine but regular WoW still wont let me change certain settings above medium...
I was having all these troubles, and I was frankly worried I'd paid big money for a worse WOW experience. But when MOP worked great, and WOW was a mess, I realized there was a problem more than meets the eye.

I had copied my WoW install over from my old Mac, and it was failing badly on my new "June 2012" MBP. Bad frame rates, and horrid performance and no matter how much I tweaked it it didn't get better. Even trying to turn in Org was a jerk happy joke.

I wiped WOW and re-installed it "online, not from media" now my frame rate is fine, and I can get the slider most of the way up without crippling the performance or having to tweak any settings down. So if you are running an install from your previous Mac, wipe it and re-download it.

I don't know why, but the new Mac was dying on the old WOW install from my previous unit. Now its working great!

This worked for me, your millage may vary. Can it hurt to try?
06/29/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Vaeranna
Stormtides, could you explain the reason behind why the features you mentioned slow down an MBP so much? I'm particularly eager to understand about VSync and Texture Filtering.

Vertical sync can severely cut your fps. Your screen natively refreshes 60 times a second. In order to prevent tearing (a new screen redraw before the previous redraw finishes), vertical sync limits your fps to an integer quotient of 60. If you were going to run at 59fps without vsync, you're running at 30 (60/2) with it. If you were going to run at 29fps without vsync you're running at 20 (60/3) with it. 19 fps without, 15fps with (60/4). It's a pretty brutal drop in fps in order to avoid a display issue that most people won't notice or care about.

As for texture filtering, no idea there. I'm guessing Storm believes that most people won't notice the difference between 2x and 16x. Personally, I do, and my 4-year old iMac with a !@#$ty ATI 2600 handles 16x fine. Would be surprised if a 2012 integrated card couldn't do the same, but I could definitely be wrong.
I'm having this exact problem with my MBP 2012 RD. The "triangle tears" start almost immediately when the game loads. Takes about 5 minutes before it settles.

Another forum mentions that since the MPB comes with 2 graphics card (, the bug due to the switching to the nVidia when FPS increase is detected. It's a shoddy transition.

There are some articles on the macrumor forum that suggest we manuallyl edit the file. Anyone tried that with any success?
Did you get your issue fixed at all? I just bought the same Macbook yesterday. I watched people on youtube running the game perfectly however I'm getting mad lag spikes.

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