[H] 8/8 Heroic Mayhem recruiting Mop/Pvp

A little about us

Founded: September 16th 2011

Current Gm - Bullstizz

Mayhem has been a successful raiding guild for sometime now.
We as mayhem strive to accomplish the task at hand, whether it be raid
progression or old content raids.

Currently have 4 active raid groups 8/8 DS and on heroic progression

We try to make everyone feel they are at the right place and are welcome.
Our guild strongly encourage new recruits/social support to take part in our Sunday night raids.
This allows us to get to know your all better and enjoy raiding with the guild.

Our environment is very lay back and enjoy making jokes and goofing off,
but when its time to raid we become that hardcore group that expects the most out of you.

What about the raid leaders?

Our raid leaders are all experienced at what they do and are all trusted and
respected members of mayhem.
They are there to help so make sure to ask question if needed.


Accomplished many legendaries such as Fangs of the Father,
Dragonwrath tarecgosa's rest,Shadowmourne and more.

we try our best to gain as much legendaries as we can, and we
help others on their quest.


Guild Name: Mayhem

Faction: Horde

Realm (US/EU): US

Realm Type: PVE

Realm Timezone: Eastern

Raid Times: 8:30pm-11:30pm Eastern Varies from raid group <invites 15-30mins before raid>

Raid Schedule:

Group 1 - Tuesday - Wednesday - Monday

Group 2 - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

Group 3 - Tuesday - Thursday

Group 4 - Friday - Saturday

Website: http://mayhemgarrosh.guildlaunch.com/ >not updated at this time<

Current Progression

Dragon Soul 10 Man 8/8 Normal

Dragon Soul 10 Man Progression: 8/8 Heroic

Past Progression

Firelands 10 Man 8/8 Normal

Firelands 10 Man Progression: 7/8 Heroic <On hold>

Loot System

Varies From Group <Main Spec - Off-Spec>

We ask for a 100% Raid attendance however we understand Life > Wow
So long as you post/contact your raid leader you can't come in advance,
We will understand.


--Guild leader = GM (Bullstizz)

--Mayhem Officer = Officers

--Officer Alt = Alts of Mayhem Officer

--Mayhem Leader = Raid leaders

--Mayhem Senior = Long time trusted member < able to invite and more >

--Mayhem Raider = Trusted Core Raiders ( they get guild repairs, mats potions n flasks).

--Social Class = Social rank < also as backup >

--Alternates = Other accounts of current members of Mayhem


* Be respectful to all your guildies if you have a problem with someone take it outside the game period!!

- Every Sunday we REQUIRE that all Raiders deposit a minimum of 2 stacks of any cata material, we need HERBS, ORE, GEMS, ENCHANT MATS, VOLATILE LIFE & FOOD for cata feasts.
<To your raid leader>

- We WILL provide cauldrons and food as well as gear enchantments and gems for our members.

- Epic gems,Essences & Patterns will be rolled on "To who ever can use them"
If no one can use them then they will be FREE rolled on or sent to the guild bank.

- Mayhem Raider ranks will receive Epic gems,Essence,Patterns & Enchants for free.
<Social Support & Alternates will receive them at a 50% off of the current auction house price>
We need to do this to keep money rolling. This includes gear dropped from raids and instances.

- To obtain or buy any item from our Bank Please contact a council member and they will gladly assist you

- We don't obligate it but we encourage members to be on Ventrilo while they are playing even if its not raiding.
This helps to get to know the rest of the guild.

- DBM is required to raid.

- Ventrilo is required to raid.

- Functional keyboard and mouse are required to raid.

- Good internet connection is required to raid.!!!!!

- If you are planning to switch your main toon Please announce it to your
Raid leader a month in advance.

- Participate in guild events as much as you can we encourage this a lot!!! <Sunday night Raids>


PvP/Battle grounds

Leader - Dharon

Time - 8Pm server time

Days - Thursdays

"specifically looking for a rouge with 4k+ resilience" but all are welcome

Recommended 4k + resilience

Have Skype/Vent

- If you are gonna troll trade make sure to leave the guild out of it!!!

i will want to chat in game and check a few things before deciding

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding anything at all, please contact Recruitment Officers,

- Soak & Lenais <ingame,fourms,Mail>
-- Mop Recruitment Application <towards raid ready players & or Progression>

Application is Optional




Character Name:


Gender: <Optional>



Spec/offspec "also why did you choose these" :



Previous Guild:

What is your rotation for your main spec <please explain in depth or list> also your offspec if you have one.

What days/time are you able to raid:

Why do you choose to raid?:

What do you look forward in raids? (choose one please)




4)Realm 1st!!!


Why did you choose Mayhem?:

One thing about you: <ANYTHING!!!>

please copy and past the application format
-- Normal Recruitment Application <towards being more casual>

Application is Optional

Character Name:



Previous Guild:




Why did you choose Mayhem?:

What are you looking for in Mayhem?: <Raiding,Pvp,Questing,Social ect...>

One thing about you: <ANYTHING!!!>

please copy and past the application format
-- Pvp Application

Application is Optional

Character name -

Toon level -

Experience in the PVP Filed -

Resilience level -


What type of PVP style do you like. 2's '3's 5's Rated Battle grounds, Storming Storm wind???

other info is recommend.

Please copy and paste Application Format
looking for members
We want you
^ well maybe
Got my 1st Heroic item :3

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