[A] Soul Society 10M Raid Recruitment 3/8H

Soul Society started on Dec. 28th, 2005.

Who We Are
We are composed of a diverse group of mature individuals with one goal in mind: Down current content while having fun. The raid environment is usually one that is very focused (especially during progression), however, during the inevitable runbacks or trash pulls, the mood can quickly shift to one filled with jokes and laughs. We don't expect perfection. We do, however, expect accountability for one's mistakes as well as continued improvement and preparation from our raiders. Above all else, we do expect survival to take priority over anything else, which includes more than just "not standing in the fire."

Who We're Looking For
We're looking for people that want a home, not a stepping stone. You should want to perform well and be surrounded by others who play to the best of their ability as well. We demand that everyone respect the time of their fellow raiders by coming to raid prepared and putting in 110%, this isn't a guild that runs on fear. We don't enjoy an environment where people are being yelled at, berated or called names. Don't get us wrong, mistakes will be called out and dealt with, but abrasive personalities don't fit in here.

Our Goal is to clear all current content to advance onto the next adventure blizzard present us with, to get there and stay there, we need players that are able to execute instead of relying on gear to help them brute force down an encounter. Although most of our recruits become good friends, we aren't afraid to cut someone that isn't performing up to standards. None of us likes to be held back by the repeated mistakes of one or several people.

What We Expect From You
You should be able to evaluate your performance using World of Logs. If you don't know how to do this already, we'll teach you. You just need to have the motivation to look at your logs, as well as the logs of others of your class and spec, so that you can improve. We'll be checking up on you regularly to make sure you're maximizing your throughput, using both offensive and defensive cooldowns, avoiding avoidable damage and taking advantage of pre-pots.

Fill out an application! Even if we don't have room for you right now, we keep all of our applications, so if something becomes available, we'll track you down. Often times, even if we aren't looking for a particular class or spec, we've "made it work" for applicants that look like they'll be a good fit, so don't be deterred if we don't have your class listed as a current recruitment need.

Our current needs include:
currently full
-any exceptional apps encouraged to apply regardless of class-

390+ iLvl is a MUST; 397 preferred (Must be PVE gear as well as properly gemmed/enchanted)
Previous raid experience is a must; 2/8H cleared is preferred but negotiable
90%+ attendance, if our raid times don't fit with your schedule please don't apply
A Vent interview is required

Our schedule is as follows:
Tues - 8-11p
Wed - 8 - 11p
Thurs - 8 - 11p - alt run/achieves if 8/8 clear.

If accepted you will go through a trial period where you only get gear if none of the main raiders needs it. Trial Period will last 2-3 weeks.

Feel free to contact me for more information or visit us at soulsocietyguild.org (just transfered to new site so a little bare at the moment)
Good to see other old timer guilds around! :) GL in your recruitment.
Thank You ^.^
been a change in raid times, reflected above
Bump for good peeps
Thanks Lupoz =)

At this point we're still looking for 1 melee dps for a full group. We're really in the market for a rogue(I run on my Druid, not my rogue) but any non pally melee will be acceptable if you can be a good dedicated team player.
we're now currently full as a raid group but we always take applications and we're always open to anyone looking for a great social experience! =D

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