LFM DS 10 @ 5pm July 17th

Aerie Peak
**edited for next raid on July 10th**

Good Afternoon, tired of playing in PUGS?
Tired of a different group every week?
Wished the tanks or healer stepped up their game?

Well look no further!

I'm doing a Dragon Soul 10 run this Tuesday at 5pm server with guildies/friends and have the following positions open:

healer <--- would like a resto shaman (or druid)

If you're a pug and want to join and know that you can bring the A game, whisper below this post and i'll add you to this list.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

looking for 6M still.

**Updated for the next raid on July 10th**

This is for a full clear of Dragon Soul obviously and we'll be attempting a few bosses on heroic this run and in later runs.
***Updated, Currently need 1 resto shaman for DS 10 w/some heroic boss kills***

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