<SC> Now Selling [Life-Binder's Handmaiden]

Selling tomorrow. PM me if interested.
Selling this evening.
Raiding now, hit me up in-game if you want a mount
Bump Bump Bump
Selling 2 mounts on the 24th of July (next Tuesday), a forum PM is the most reliable way to reach me, but in-game mails work too.
Selling in 2 days!
Selling 2 more mounts on the 31st.
i added u ingame
We sold two mounts on the 31st (and threw in a free Gurth and Maw of the Dragonlord that were going to D/E), and we plan to sell 2 more on August the 7th!

Send a PM to Digerati on the forums if you want to be put on this week's list.
08/01/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Digerati
and threw in a free Gurth and Maw of the Dragonlord

You guys are saints.
Now making the list for the upcoming week! PM me, thanks
Get to raid with me :)
Selling on Tuesday!
There's a slot open for tonight. Hit me up in-game or via the forums.
We'll be starting a little later tonight due to 25 man sha of fear testing (probably 8ish)
Still been selling mounts, and we'll keep doing it right up until they're removed (September 25th). So that's 4 more weeks. Same flat price, might throw in some free 416 weapons if they're going to DE (buyer this week got Maw and we d/e-ed a Gurth).

I should note this next week's raid is on Wednesday, not Tuesday. 5.0 hits Tuesday, and we fully expect the servers to not be even playable or stable that day, since this is a huge patch. Plus we want to give people time to re-learn their class essentially with the new talents. =p

TLDR: Selling mounts next Wed evening! Hit me up on the forums or in-game.
Wednesday the 29th!
I don't ride dargons, I slay them.
Selling 2 DW mounts in 3 days. Hit me up on our forums (best way) or in-game.
2 days!

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