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Hi all I have only been playing wow for a short time and I am really enjoying the game however It has been quite tricky playing it without Advice so I thought I would put this up just to see if I can chat with other player's or find a Guild that can be helpfull with some questions to help or just a fun social chat I have toons in Dath remar and Area 52 but will most likley realm change to an area more suited to what I am looking for.
It really is all about the guild darling I am in a fantastic guild with super helpful players and I love it. I however have been in not so helpful guilds as well and a lot of the people on wow can be elitist and rude. I like to point out when people are being elitist and rude to people merely seeking advice because I think it deters new players from becoming better.

Seek out a good guild and make sure you find yourself some good in game friends. I have had a lot of people teach me a lot of things. Also I have a level 85 dk as well so if you have any questions I am happy to answer :)

There may be a lot of jerks but there are a lot of really nice people too. They just don't talk as loudly :)
If you want to know anything look me up when your on. I'm on Dath, happy to help :)
Thanks I have been getting there slowly and I might just take you up on your offer Osirion I don't like to bug other player as I understand they may be busy but some advice from time to time may help in the long run I have since found a lvl25 guild but there not help so will keep looking.
Not exactly too good with DK's myself, never really played them (i kinda suck at anything melee >.>) but if you ever find yourself on the Barthilas server and horde side, you're welcome to join the guild i am in. It's not level 25 yet, but it's pretty much there to be a guild/shelter of sorts for friends and random people alike.

There are quite a few good players with lots of experience in it who can be very helpful also.
Hi Kareel!

I'm on most of the time, so feel free to pst me in game. I'm useless at DK's but I can help with most other things :)

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