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My wife and i play WoW (she is Japanese) and she asked me if WoW will ever make a Language pack in Japanese or a translater. i was wandering if this would be possible? i don't think it would be hard. example: Google translate. Blizz what do you think? if this would be possible it would make my wife much happier when reading quest and spells etc...even ramaji would be nice(Japanese words with English alphabet).

P.S. been a customer/fan since 2005 and i will continue. Thank You Very Much for keeping My Wife and I entertained all these years! "Well Worth It"
Google translate's Japanese translations are horrific . . . No company or individual should ever use it to make translations of their software. But yeah Blizzard could certainly hire a translator, or let the community contribute towards language packs.
Yah, you are right..lol sorry about that. it was the first thing that came to my mind.

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