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ok elinie, plz stop wanting kul tiras dead.
09/03/2012 12:07 AMPosted by Lorelaî
Expansion 5: Kul Tiras, joins the Alliance, but the humans have undergone a new curse, that turns the humans into Jinyu when they go into combat. Kul Tiras is still playable, and ALLIANCE, but they are no longer merely humans.

Just wait for the Greymane Wal--- I mean the Proudmoore Blockade to collapse and revealing Kul Tiras to the outside world.
I've been reading up on this thread, and I know alot of Kul Tiran lore myself, I've ran a guild based around RPing Kul Tiran Marines for several years.

If Blizzard puts Kul Tiras in the game (Which I hope they will) They will do it so that it can provide content, ie- as a daily quest hub where players fight against either Naga, or Bloodsail- with the Horde version of the hub being either the Trolls from Zul'Dare or a Horde Naval.

Blizzard never does player or lore service, (That I wish they would.) And probably wouldn't add Kul Tiras as just another Human Kingdom as it should be, they need to make things as content for people to play.

I would very much like Kul Tiras to be added, and I hope it does- certainly seems like there's plenty of room for it, what with the Alliance loosing ground at sea in MoP.

I dont know how we will even be able to fight without Kul Tiras being that our navy took a huge loss and the Horde navy is growing stronger and stronger. But as long as blizzard wants to ignore Kul Tiras and keep playing the "Stormwind is the last human kingdom!" role i guess they are our navy......

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