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Does anyone know how I can change the Incoming and Outgoing Whisper colors separately? I transferred to a new realm and lost all my chat color settings and had separate colors assigned.
I'm not sure this can be done with Prat or the default UI, but you can make a small AddOn to put outgoing whispers in a separate group in the chat config frame, allowing them to have a different colour than incoming whispers.

To make the AddOn, copy/paste the code blocks below into their own empty text documents and save them with the specified name/extension (capitalisation is important). Make sure you don't save them as .txt files. Once you have both files, move them to a new folder called WhisperColours in your Interface\AddOns\ folder.

If you happen to be American and as obsessed with correct spelling as I am, you can name it WhisperColors if you want, just make sure you name the folder and .toc file the same thing.

WhisperColours.toc## Title: WhisperColours
## Interface: 40300
## Notes: Allows you to assign different colours to ingoing and outgoing whispers.
## Author: Choonster


core.luaChatTypeGroup["WHISPER"] = { -- Remove outgoinng whispers (CHAT_MSG_WHISPER_INFORM) from the WHISPER group

ChatTypeGroup["OUTGOING_WHISPER"] = { -- Create a new group for outgoing whispers

ChatTypeGroupInverted["CHAT_MSG_WHISPER_INFORM"] = "OUTGOING_WHISPER" -- Change WHISPER_INFORM to point to the OUTGOING_WHISPER group in the inverted group list

local whisperIndex;
for index, info in pairs(CHAT_CONFIG_CHAT_LEFT) do -- Find the WHISPER group in the chat config list
if info.type == "WHISPER" then
whisperIndex = index

tinsert(CHAT_CONFIG_CHAT_LEFT, whisperIndex + 1, { -- Add options for the OUTGOING_WHISPER group directly after the WHISPER group's options
checked = function() return IsListeningForMessageType("OUTGOING_WHISPER") end,
func = function(self, checked) ToggleChatMessageGroup(checked, "OUTGOING_WHISPER") end,

_G["OUTGOING_WHISPER"] = "Outgoing Whisper"

When you first log in with the AddOn enabled, you'll need to enable outgoing whispers and choose a colour for them from the chat config frame (right click on the chat tab and click Settings).

You only need the AddOn enabled to change the colours in-game, once changed they'll be saved by the game and loaded even without the AddOn enabled. Changing the colour of whispers without the AddOn enabled will reset outgoing whispers to this new colour.

If you know the RGB values of the colour you want, you can ignore the AddOn and edit your chat-cache.txt file (found in the WoW\WTF\Account\<Account Name>\<Realm Name>\<Character Name>\ folder) and manually change the numbers after WHISPER_INFORM (what the game calls outgoing whispers). The AddOn essentially does the same thing, but makes it easier by letting you use the colour wheel in-game.
@_@ Thanks a lot man, I'll give it a whirl.
Wanted to drop by again and let you know it worked flawlessly. Thank you for taking the time to write that up for me, it's very much appreciated.
07/18/2012 01:56 PMPosted by Incinerater
Wanted to drop by again and let you know it worked flawlessly. Thank you for taking the time to write that up for me, it's very much appreciated.

Glad I could help.
This works perfectly. I was looking for a similar solution.

Thank you as well.
Hi I know this is a 5 year old thread but I recently transfered my main and lost my outgoing color. I tried making this addon and it is not showing up in my addon list. does this still work with legion?

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