I'm gonna let you finish...

Shattered Hand
But Wino had the best Mage pvp video of ALL TIME!

Wino was one of the sweetest guys! And might be one of the few old school SH who's never actually killed me. <3
I didn't (was an Orc Hunter by the name of Kratiste that was in the vid).
My son took me to Blizzcon ... hmmm ... I guess maybe 3 yrs ago now and I went to the "meet and greet" they had for each realm. It was pretty amusing as everyone was introducing themselves and the majority were Horde, that when it came my turn ... I said something like "Hello, I play a mage named Cass and I'm sure most all of you have killed me at least once!"

About 3-4 of them burst out laughing because ... of course ... they had! LOL
I remember wino, he was a fun time.
<3 Wino

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