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Thoughts about PvP:
Thoughts about RP:

Name: Serinar Flametooth
Age: 3500 (54 in Human years)
Race: Black Dragon (Can be found as a Human)
Profession: Smelter of Enchanted Elementium
Thoughts about PvP: He's not prone to attacking, unless a friend is killed or he himself is attacked, then, and only then, will he unleash his attacks.
Thoughts about RP: Is regularly seen in his Sandstone form, talking in Draconic.
Lore: As one of the purified black dragons, he is hunted by Deathwing's lieutenants. Little is known about where he came from or what he might do when Deathwing is destroyed. All any knows is that his vigilance is everlasting.
Name: "Oolaki"
Age: Ancient, but looks barely legal
Race: half-daemon, half-troll, half-dwarf
Profession: I tear skins off things and sew them together.
Thoughts about PvP: I like to tear skins off things and sew them back together.
Thoughts about RP: See Above
Lore: Followed someone out of the Chaos Wastes into Azeroth.
Name: Ahveros of Durotar, Son of Cameron

Age: 69 (That's 25 in human years)

Race: Half vampire half orc, orcpire

Profession: Guild master of the most prestigious guild on ravenholdt

Thoughts about PvP: I kill alliance dogs with a swift cling clang of my mighty daggers forged from the corruption of deathwing.

Thoughts about RP: I like goldshire rp.

Lore: I was but a young orc growing up in the canyons of Durotar. It was a dark and cold night when he appeared. I was sleeping ever so peacefully until I heard a banging at the door. The banging sound getting louder and louder with each passing second. The banging suddenly stopped as I got up to put my punting boots on. Then all of a sudden my window shattered and in came a vampire, his skin sparkling in the moonlight sent a shiver down my spine. He asked me what my name was, I replied Bellahveros. He grabbed my hand and held me in a strong embrace. I was swooning over him and I didn't even know his name. I ask him his name and he replied in a cool and calm voice "Edward". He asked me if I was scared to say what he was and I reluctantly said vampire. Eventually I got him to bite me and that's how I became a orcpire. Now I run Orgrimmars secret orcpire society guild AoAhveros.
Name: Sharder Frostgrave
Age: 24 (When he became a Death Knight, now he's somewhere around 130)
Race: Night Elf, Human, Orc, Tauren, Orc, and soon he will be a Dwarf
Profession: He doesn't care for professions, loves cooking and fishing.
Thoughts about PvP: He charges into combat recklessly, no matter the time or place.
Thoughts about RP: He will role play every once in a while
Lore: "What have you got there, death knight?" The orc places the fabled sword in the Sunwell and beams of energy radiate out from the Sunwell and into the sword. The orc reaches and grabs the hilt, immediately his eyes go from blue to yellow. A faint whisper is heard, "...........Quel'Delar................."
Name: Bobcat
Age: 6 1/2 in Cat years; or 45 Human
Race: Gnome
Profession: Weed Picker and Scalp Taker
Thoughts about PvP: I am a great believer in the Opossum Defense.
Thoughts about RP: Sometimes I go to SMC to get scratched on my belly and behind my ears and sniff cat nip.
Lore: Was once a Great Gnome Prince till I pissed off Janna with a faulty hand held device; called Thrall's Replacement, and was turned into a damn Cow...Dat !@#$%!!!
Name: Mazzle Fizzlecrank
Age: 84
Race: goblin
Profession: sapper
Thoughts about RP: sits around all day wondering how a sandstone drake is a member of the black dragonflight
Lore: Joined the Horde back in the Second War as a sapper, was a Warsong Shredder operator in the Third War, died during the many assults on Naxxramas, did some DK stuff for a bit, now's he back in the Horde.
Name: Draxonicar Dawnrazor
Age: 184, but he doesn't look a day over 170!
Race: High Elf
Profession: Horde Mercenary
Thoughts about PvP: Good
Thoughts about RP: Good
Thoughts about RP and PVP having a hot, forbidden, and intimate affair where you can't tell where one ends and the other begins: Great
Lore: Fought for the Alliance in the Second War as a Ranger, died in the siege of Quel'Thalas in the Third War because Arthas was a jerk. He was made to do bad things he deep down knew he liked by Arthas, broke free because all the cool kids were doing it, now serves the Horde because its where the majority of his people ended up in.
Name: Fagerboozle Jones
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyways
Race: Dwarf/Bear (see: Danny DeVito)
Profession: Writer/Director/Pohrn star
Thoughts about PvP (Player vs Playah): Players do it for the drinks; Playahs do it for the dollah bill ya'll.
Thoughts about RP (rash placement): Mine has all cleared up!

The story revolves around "Boozlefoo" Jones, a former Ironforge guard, who loses custody of his favorite riding goat, Fanny, to his ex-wife Myra. In order to afford an appeal, Boozle becomes a stripper at the Loose Caboose, a Kharanos strip club. A nobleman named Varian Wrynn visits the club and immediately begins to adore Jones. Aware of Wrynn's embarrassing indulgences, another Loose Caboose patron approaches Boozle with a plan to manipulate the nobleman to settle the custody dispute in Boozle's favor. However, Wrynn has powerful business connections who want to ensure he remains king. Consequently, those who can embarrass him in a king-election are murdered. Meanwhile, Boozle retrieves his goat from his negligent wife.

Wrynn's personal interest in Boozle persists, and the dwarf is invited to perform privately for the king. He asks Jones to become his lover and later the king's cabana-boy, despite his staff's concerns that Boozle knows too much. A debate occurs as to whether to kill Boozle or simply keep him quiet by threatening to take away his riding goat. However, Boozle and a Stormwind City Guard begin to suspect the king's guilt in the murders, and Boozle concocts a plan to bring the king to justice. Boozle tricks him into confessing on tape, and he is soon after arrested. Thus, Boozle regains full custody of Fanny, and Myra returns to prison.
Name: Khar'la (Khar for short)
Age: Unknown (estimated ~1800)
Race: Unknown (m00n troll?)
Profession: Hug Dispenser
Thoughts about PvP: Depends on mood. Blood elves are fair game. Soft spot for other trolls.
Thoughts about RP: Only rarely stops to chat; so many hugs to give, so little time.
Lore: Once a shaman of an unknown tribe of trolls, she now roams the world giving warm embraces to those she meets. Most Alliance members perceive her as a deranged night elf, so she takes the opportunity to explore their lands extensively. Known to keep a benevolent water spirit as a companion.
Name: Grimlöch

Age: 85

Race: Dwarf

Profession: Tailor and Miner

houghts about PvP: Prefers to be left alone -- but if agitated will unleash the gates of hell. Or if simply cranky.

Thoughts about RP: Is mostly in character.

Lore: Stripped of family name and shunned from Dwarven society for embracing the dark arts Grimlöch seeks to find the one spell that will end the world. What precisely to do with the spell once learned is still unknown... but Grimlöch will find it. In the meantime Grimlöch seeks all other sources of power.

Recently Grimlöch has begun to hear voices speaking in his head, and some fear he is slipping away from sanity. The voices disagree.
Name: William `Thrashmetal` Forgestone Age: 25 when he died. Profession: Why would an undead need a profession? RP Thoughts: He hates Alliance sympathizers. PVP Thoughts: *gives you a hateful glare* Lore: A once noble soul, his turning into an undead destroyed his relations with everyone he knew. His sole purpose now is total elimination of any and all Alliance who cross his path. Weilding his sword, his enemies will be cut down in a whirlwind of steel and blood.
Name: Haruuk Stonehoof (He doesn't like the name though, and tries to avoid using it)
Age: Early-30's-ish; he doesn't keep close track
Race: Uhhh... uhm... uh... Dwemer I think?
Profession: Wandering Druid (could also be called a hobo)
Thoughts about PvP: If they're not bothering us, no reason to cause trouble, right?
Thoughts about RP: You're asking an RP-related question... on an RP server... about our thoughts on RP? Our character's thoughts on RP? Uhm... I dunno, Illy doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about thinking of being other things.
Lore: He's Taureny, and druidy, and uh... not really all that special. He goes around and does things, and stuff, and... well, things like that.
Name blazeshot scattershot
: Age: 21
Race: goblin
Profession eng leather weaker
: Thoughts about PvP mark me a target and if it red it dead
: Thoughts about RP can u make money than it a waste of time
:Lore: help fight against the burning legion than got sent to northrend to help the horde destroy the lichking and sent back home with no paycheck to fight against a big azz dragon and still made no money but as a part of the horde I will fight for Thrall anytime
Name: Tyrazdormu
Age: Unknown
Profession: Time Watcher
Thoughts about PvP: Prefers being away from any battle. Will only fight when it is his last option.
Thoughts about RP: *projects an image from the future of him finding a mate as unique as himself*
Lore: Lost........ That's what he felt like. The thunderstorm battered his wings, forcing the bronze to seek shelter. No such shelter is available to one who's crossing an ocean. ',' he thought. Suddenly, a lightning bolt sundered the air right in front of the dragon's snout, blinding and deafening him. The bronze felt himself falling to the waves below. 'This is it. This is how it has to end? Fine then.' Just before smacking the water, a voice called to him saying, '.......Wake up.......'
Name: Jillian Song
Age: 23
Profession: Sniper
Thoughts about PvP: If it's red (Hunter's Mark), it's dead.
Thoughts about RP: Has 14 warrants for her arrest for murder in Elwynn Forest, notably Goldshire.
Lore: Bashful in youth, she preferred to spend her time shooting Old Man Wilfred's chickens with her pellet rifle, playing jokes on the Cataclysm refugees in Westfall, and exploring the Duskwood banks of the Nazferiti River.

As a late teenager, she began entering into marksman competitions for money to help her family move to a new home after the Cataclysm. Surprising many competitors with her excellent marksmanship, she soon earned the money she needed. Returning to her family, however, shook the very foundations of her soul.

Her mother had succumbed to the Twilight Cult propaganda. Jillian later learned that her mother had been "hearing voices" for years. When her father tried to stop her, she mutilated and murdered him in an insane rage, leaving the bloody pieces for Jillian to find.

Unbeknownst to what he had walked upon, a Forsaken spy was checking around as Jillian entered her home. Immediately she screamed and ran for her father's old rifle in the closet. Before she could unlatch the door, the Forsaken grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. Though he was undead, he still retained some ability to speak Common. He explained to her that he was not going to harm her, and he would let her go if she did not go for the gun.

He introduced himself as Klips, a nickname given to him by his squad because of his profession as a barber prior to his unlife. He explained that he was deployed by the Horde War Council to investigate the cultist activity in Alliance territory. He admitted though he had no clue how extensive, there was some amount of cultist activity in Jillian's area.

Devastated by the loss of her father and her mother's descent into madness, Jillian stood there, unable to speak. A numbing, scratchy feeling kept clawing at the back of her mind, but she paid no attention to it. Until, slowly, it begun to speak to her. It sounded much like her mother's voice.

There is no hope. There is only despair. Make them suffer.

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