Why won't WoW install?

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Still doing the exact same thing as before.
It's still hanging on "Downloading updated tools..."?

What's the make and model of your router and modem?
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The router is a wirelss-G 2.4 GHz 54Mb p/s Linksys

The modem(The smaller box right?) On the top all it says is windstream with sagemcom under it in a small font. On the bottom it says Sagemcom 4300.
Can you try forwarding ports 3724, 1119, and 6881-6999 on the Linksys router?

This site shows how to forward ports on Linksys routers:

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'Constant change is here to stay.'
what do I port forward for?
I am having a problem, I think AVG interferes with WoW in general.
I am in the process of uninstalling it, and if removing it doesn't work I might just have to quit. :/
I get stuck on 'Checking for Updates'
Please help.
This is a problem for more then a few people Velnrak. The update does start and then goes down to nothing being uploaded and then just sits. If I restart I get a corrupted wow-0-16357-Win-final.MPQ file.
12/10/2012 09:38 AMPosted by Toraz

You can delete this file and run the Repair from the Launcher (Help > Repair Tool)
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Found that a full reboot fixes the issue, an update for the updater doesn't happen unless there is a full reboot.
I was having this same issue. I went into program files and deleted everything WoW related from a previous installation, turned AVG off, and then reran the installer and it finally worked.
when start up my launcher the window closes about 10 seconds after saying "unexpected error" message
im trying to download wow client, i dont have MoP, i only have cata, can i still download and play if i dont?
why cant I get wow to download it says I don't have the type of app for it to download I have an 2014 hp model with separate desktop and internet options? please help
So I paid $75 for the warlords of draenor complete world of Warcraft set including World of Warcraft, pandaria, etc etc. plus the month fee. For the past 3 days ive been trying to install it and it keeps coming up with "Whoops something broke give it another shot". ive been giving it another shot for 3 days, I haven't installed anything for the game so far except the setupUS thing that's it. I want to play and feel I have wasted my money. Please help.
This thread is 2 years old and instead of getting to your problem right off we have to wade through all the other stuff. Always best to start your own thread to get help.

Do you already have the starter edition? Or Trial edition installed? If so you do not need to download/install anything else. Do you have the Launcher installed also? If not you may want to install the Launcher first, found under your account management page.

Now if you have a starter edition which you are posting from one.... then all you have to do is log in and wait the 72 hours it told you to wait when upgrading to have all of the trial restrictions fall off.

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