Contact/Recruit List FINALLY getting updated

Huge apologies for the looooong absence - RL completely decimated me for awhile there; please don't throw things at me!

I'm working on an overhaul - purging the old and adding the new, so please take a sec to check your guild's info in the sticky and post an update if needed.
Sure thing
Crimson Moon Rising:
~Guild Master: Iliketurtlês
~Council: Insignus, Psyadia, Bøunce
~Officers: Zigzor, Nattystride, ßeats
~Contact Psyadia for sales, Bøunce for recruitment and Insignus for general inquiries.
~Brief Guild Description: 25 Raiding Guild, with various PvP teams
~Raid Times: 9-12 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Tursday. Alt run on Sunday
~Recruitment Status: All applications are encouraged! Please visit our website and click the apply link. We are only recruiting raiders who are capable of stepping into our core. If you think you can out preform our best then we will give you an opportunity to prove it.

Thanks Natema!
~Guild Name : XII
~Guild Website :
~Guild Master : Vaalyn
~Officers : Gartha, Kowvorka, Soulust, Renovate, Vahdka
~Brief Guild Description : Main focus is 25m raiding with 10m raiding on our offnights.
~Raid Times : 25m Tues/Wed 7:30-10:30pm 10m Thurs/Mond 7:30-10:30pm
~Recruitment Status : Currently accepting people for our 25m Team and people for MoP.

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