H Lf guild 4 MOP

hello hyjal
i came back to the game about a month ago from a 5 month break. im in search of a hardcore raiding guild for the new xpac. i have been a hardcore raider in the past and would love to be again. i live on east coast but work 2nd shift so its really hard to find a guild that works with my schedule. i hope to find a guild that starts raids around 9 or 10 server time.i will be playing this toon in Mop as my main as i have been since vanilla. if u have any questions feel free to ask here or in game. thank you
Just curious.
So when where you ever a "Hard Core" raider? Looking at your kills for bosses and the dates, nothing that really stands that would give credt for you calling your self a "Hard Core" raider. If this toon has been your main since vanilla, boss kills a few tiers later or into the next expansion do not classify one as a "Hard Core" raider......just saying.

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