WTS lvl 19 guild

Looking for 100kish OBO. Willing to accept mounts, vial etc as a substitute. Pst me on real id ndeangel@gmail.com with offers. Also, willing to change the name for you as well if that improves the offer.
Unfortunately I am unable to add people to my real id. Is there another way we can get in contact? I think I have an offer you might be looking for. I check the forums frequently, so perhaps there is a time you will be online to talk about it in-game?
I think I may be able to give you a offer you would like. gbrauninger@yahoo.com is my real id...i sent you a request, I think it went through. I will be online tonight at 9:30pm server. I have gold and/or trade items.
I will be online tonight around 9/930 PT. Talk to you guys then

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