Wayward Enforcers is recruiting!

Aerie Peak
Wayward Enforcers, a six year old level 25, is recruiting! We recruit all types-- raiders, casuals, achievement hunters, and PvPers. We aren't strictly a family guild, but fairly family friendly and keep our public channels that way. Most of our members are indeed adults, with only a select few that are teenagers or children.

We currently have two 10m raid groups:

Wed/Thursday, 4-7:30pm server, currently 6/8 Heroic DS
Saturday 6am-9am server, Monday 4:30pm-7:30pm server, currently 3/8 Heroic DS (currently using Saturdays for T11/12 heroics and achievement, Mondays for DS progression)

Sat/Mon team is currently looking specifically for 1 DPS (preferably with a tank or heal OS) and 1 Tank (again, preferably with a DPS OS they are good with.) Currently no paladins, druids, or rogues on the team!

Wed/Thurs team is likely going to be looking for a DPS with Tank OS as well, preferably not a DK (already have two).

Send me a whisper in game or ask anybody you see online for an officer and we'll invite you for a trial period!

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