DS 10 HM Run Fri 7.30PM SVT

Hi Guys

<Crimson Ark> are running a Semi Guild/Pug Run on Friday 6th July at 7.30pm SVT.

Aim this week is to clear 3-5HMs depending on time. Must be able to commit a minimum of 4 hours as that is how long we intend to run for.

We will be doing this run every Friday and will progress onto further bosses, as such we intend to take the same people every Friday if they prove to be descent.

Ideally you will have a minimum of 3/8HM Cleared on the toon you wish to come on. Will consider alts and also people who have atleast cleared normal mode.

Currently Require (4 slots available)

Tank/DPS (must be able to play both specs well)
Disc/Shadow Priest (as above)
Boomkin/Resto Druid (as above)
Ele/Resto Shaman (as above)
Shadow Priest

Please leave a reply with the relevant info (e.g your MS/OS, IL of each, Achi on the toon you want to come on, exp on bosses you haven't killed, Achi from your main).

or.. you can scroll to 'Whomper' with the same information

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