Pinoy Guild <GWAPINGS>

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<GWAPINGS> of Nagrand is in need of the ff:
2 healer shaman and druid w/ dps/tank spec.
1 dps any class (Dragon Soul Heroic Progression)
current progress: 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

-we also need all class for Mist of Panderia

*interested player are welcome to join.
*Pinoy newbie are also welcome.


* no lag issue (200ms below & 30+ fps)
* skilled player
* cleared DS normal
* able to talk to vent and sing
* can raid 10pm - 1am + overtime (+8GMT flexible raider)
* and of course you must be Filipino :)
* kaya kung sa tingin mo GWAPINGS ka, sali na!

PM in-game Trudis or Nilande for more info.
bump... need more pinoy players for next xpac :)
Who can i PM for invite to guild?

I moved my druid from Jubeithos to Nagrand.

Thank you

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