Anyone for TBC still on this server?

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Rarely see anyone from TBC on this server, well atleast from the names I recognize. Just curious if anyone who played on this server in BC is still here.
what, in game? a lot of the people may have migrated to different mains (i.e. Sylaurn = Cayreth, Xelas = Oolaki, etc.)
I'm from BC, but I wasn't on this server until Wrath.
Well, I xferred to WrA. >_>
I guess I'm from TBC. I ran around with Undead Lords for a while.

In a way, I miss the days when I knew nothing about endgame and would spend hours doing nothing but RPing. With achievement points and endless things to farm, that's much harder now, at least to me.
<--- Shadoee from Shadow Assassins. I knew your Shammy Bladest. ;)
I was a tank for World Ablaze back in BC. Then I joined Crucible, and my love for this game was destroyed :(
<--- Shadoee from Shadow Assassins. I knew your Shammy Bladest. ;)

LOL, I miss playing enhance on my shaman :) Isle of Quel'danas was soo fun...

I can't edit the topic either, said "for" instead of "from"
I tanked for Makai Tribe, back in BC. I don't play this toon much, but I'ms till around.
<- This guy
I miss this expansion, I'm sure everyone who actually played it does as well.
I rolled a BE Rogue here as soon as it was possible to do so.

Never got that rogue to level cap, and transferred this main here when Blizz launched 3.3 and went Horde to play with RL friends (who have since left).

I used to do my friend's dailies on IQD, on his Enhance Shaman. Sadly, back then, I was better at the Shaman in PvP than I was on my rogue.

I think I may still have a SS of me killing Terri at SM on my then 41 BE Rogue.

Yep, still has it:
/FLEX I was in existance during BC...Though, I was on a far away hostile realm. Damn Horde had us ally out numbered 3 or 4 to 1. Those were brutal days, but fun days.

I did not grace this realm till Wrath with ol Necro my DK.

Remember all the times a lvl 70 tried to catch me on their 60 speed flying mount vs my 100 speed land mount.../wave bye bye :)

My three TBC Ravenholdt characters, in order of appearance.
Indeed, favourite expansion by far is BC.

One of the things I miss the most is there was no dungeon finder. It just seems like a server was more of a community back then when people were LFM for heroics in trade chat, crowd control was important and mass pulling stuff was actually pretty impressive. You'd run into competent people and add them to your friends list. Good times.

Many Clan Raok people are still around.

My three TBC Ravenholdt characters, in order of appearance.

Good old southshore ganking days.
Yeah I really don't remember that day, but Joe (Angelos) had that screenshot and showed it to me in Wrath. I lol'd.
I was here in Blood Saga before they disbanded. Xp Had a different name back then however.

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