[H]Retro Raiding Project is looking for you!

Want to level a toon and try raiding MC, Blackwing Lair and AQ40 as a level 60? Then come join us today!

Here's the scoop...we like to raid, and raid, not only current content, but older content as well. We talked a lot about some ideas and decided this would be an interesting way to see the content, as a level-appropriate raider.

So, vanilla raids will be seeing our level 60s enter Molten Core, AQ20/40 and Blackwing Lair. Once all the available level 60 raids are cleared, we unlock XP, level up to 70, and tangle with Kara, Black Temple and more. We do the same @ 80, and then, whenever we are ready, move onto Tier 11 content for those still around. Hard modes, achieves, etc., will all be discussed and decided on as we move through, most likely a 'majority rules' roll system.

If this sounds like fun to you, all you gotta do is head over to http://sinisterintent.wowstead.com/retro-raid for some rules( iLvl and professions restrictions and more), make a level 1 (or join the guild with a sub-60) and get ready with us for the weekend of the 21st of July! You can also contact myself or Erronious in-game for more details.

***Sinister Intent <Zul'Jin - Horde> is a casual raiding guild. Currently, one group is 7/8H, and starting on Madness this thursday. Our other group is 5/8H and working on Warmaster. We have little to no level, class nor race restrictions, and only ask for you to have a fun time, be civil and be social. Mumble is used for events, as well.

For more info on the guild, check out http://sinisterintent.wowstead.com
Thanks for the reply (didn't appreciate the newsflash though;) ), but we already have the restriction of the ilvls staying in the current expansion(meaning no outlands 57-60 gear for vanilla raiding).

Unfortunately, those are the best restrictions we can give right now, but it still should be fun.

Once again, thanks for the reply.

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