disgusting oozlings seem to be selling faster

I've seen a black cat carrier, and the parrot (which sells for too much), but the oozlings keep selling out.

I need to be on more often, that is for sure.
I'm logging on a couple times a week looking for one, not seeing them, guess they are just selling faster than the parrots.

Otherwise, I keep hearing rumors that spectral tigers have gotten super cheap, but I've yet to see hide or hair of that being true.
Ok, I'm going to farm it myself.


Hope felwood is still a place I can find them. I read the following and was worried they were no longer in felwood.

As the changes have struck, and Cataclysm is upon us, I've felt the need to edit this guide, remove all of the old spots, and now, I am returning to finish the editing. Right now, the best spot, but certainly not the only viable spot is to head to Silithus. In Silithus the worms are your focus. Dredge Crusher, Dredge Striker, and Grubthor.

Other sites include, Coldlurk Burrower in Winterspring, Shifting Mireglob in Swamp of Sorrows, are other viable options for farming this.

Anyone know?
I have one of these, and I'm 90% sure I got it from one of the Dredge worms in Silithus while farming other mobs for cenarion rep or doing quests.
I farmed mine a few weeks ago from these guys. I got really lucky and had one in my 20th Oozing Bag or so, but of course your mileage may vary.


The farm path is relatively relaxing, the respawn rate is satisfactory, and the scenery is nice.

Happy farming!
I've gotten it once since Cata. In one of the worst areas to farm it in, which is while questing in Wetlands. It was a windfall as I was levelling an alt on a server I had no other connections with.

From what I've read Starien's area has the best drop rate, although I have come up short after a couple hours total of farming. The rare drop rate does keep the price up.
07/19/2012 09:06 AMPosted by Starien
the scenery is nice.

I always got a very depressing feel from Swamp of Sorrows.
07/19/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Lukar
the scenery is nice.

I always got a very depressing feel from Swamp of Sorrows.

As I said, very nice scenery.
Thanks for the advice, still farming now ;)
Ready to pay $5k for an oozling now. ;(

Ok, farming has gotten to me, I'll be better tomorrow.
Got it! Happy me.
Sweet! Congrats. May you always be green and slimy.

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