[H] Iron Knights 25m 8/8 HM LF SPRIEST

Guild Recruitment
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Always seeking exceptional raiders!
Still looking for more exceptional raiders as we move on into the mists!
Join us as we work on spine and madness!
More healers and competitive DPS!
Still in search for some wonderful players!
Always willing to consider talented and exceptional raiders :)
looking for dps for heroic spine
Come DPS HM Spine with us!
good afternoon enig
Hello Emrýs :)

Still looking for some strong, dedicated players to join our ranks!
I like cookies.
More competent raiders!
yes, more dps for spine!
Still looking for a few more people for Spine!
Hooray for Saturday!

Join now to be apart of our incoming HM Spine kill!
Pizza rolls are amazing!

Still looking for more people for HM Spine!
holy paladins!
any holydins?
still searching for a holy paladin

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