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Emerald Dream
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((You have to be careful when switching classes for RP like that. A mage draws its power from the ley lines in Azeroth, pulling and bending the power to their will to create fire or frost, stuff like that. A shaman has a sort of symbiotic, contract related or friendly relationship with the elements and the spirits, which is how they draw their power. You could certainly RP going from one to the other, but I imagine your character would have to be very forceful, aggressive, and perhaps a bit egotistical to switch from shamanism to the arcane.))
<<Back to the 1st page with you. Orc guild Rp's as orcs. Come join. bumpage>>
If you believe you have what it takes to be a true Orc, come join us and see for yourself the might of the Horde.
Victory or death!
Bump for Greenskin superiority.
All of you wanna be Orcs better getcha self down ta Razor Hill and see a real Orc clan.
Third page? Really?

((love the clan, need more 85's))

We have an Orc gang called 'The Grombolar' that was hired to work for Dawnstar. I believe a handful of them met some of your guildies in Durotar. I just wanted to pitch in and say that Clan Stormfist are awesome roleplayers, and anyone that rps with them will be in for a fun time.

I hope to see your guild grow.

Our clan is growing. Slowly, but it is growing. Any orc brothers or sisters who wish to join our clan and helping it grow further, do not hesitate to ask any of us.

((Stormfist just hit lvl 2 last night. We getting there))
Thanks Dosin, I appreciate it!
We are getting bigger. Slowly, but steadilly. Hit us up in game if you'd like to join!
((ok, this shudnt be down here.
Join dis Clan is ya be an Orc, dey be havin' honor before everyting 'mon

((I spoke to one of them in-game, it was Ugannar, to get a DK in, but ended uup having problems, Ugannar stayed in charecthar the whole time. Looks like a great RP guild of you're an orc))
Disappointed to have seen this thread drop so low. Gimme some of dat bump powah!
Free bumps day
*Grins lopsidely and holds up a snapped trolls tusk*
"Eh ulridy get Utuzbeh tesk. Um comin fer chu neck Ezzran!
((You my friends deserve bumpage. Despite it being short, had a lot of fun pushing back the Allies from Razor Hill. :) ))

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